Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Look of the Day: Behind Blue Eyes

Casey took me out to dinner today, Yay! My outfit inspiration for dinner was a recent clearance shoe purchases from Marshalls, and by recent purchases, I mean this afternoon. How these made it to the 7-7 1/2 clearance rack, I don't know. But I was sure was happy when I popped in to kill a few minutes, and came across these beauties. I paired the Dolce Vita Pumps with my H&M top and COh jeans, love. I have to say, I think these shoes will be seen often.
Got to love clearance finds.
And I love Kitties too! Pennie Lane the most!
I heart shoes too.
H&M top, COH Jeans, and Dolce Vita pumps.
Chinese Laundry for $20 and Dolce Vita for $30 . Thank you Marshalls!
And a question for my makeup experts:
I am wearing a blush/nude colors to a wedding this weekend and I would love any specific eyeshadow (brand/color) suggestions for a blue eyed girl with red undertones. My tried and true color is Maybelline Silken Taupe, because is what I wore when I lastt experimented with eyeshadow...when I was 15. I am CLUELESS!


  1. I love Marshall's! That and Tj Maxx are my favorite places to shop (and I think they are owned by the same ppl). Great finds today! :)

  2. I love Marshalls and every once in awhile come across fabulous shoes there. Your heels are so hot! Love them! As for makeup, for blue eyes I would suggest a champagne hue for eyeshadow. Grey/silver also looks great with blue eyes but maybe not if you're wearing blush/nude. =)

  3. Those shoes are sexy! That's the only word I can use to really identify how they appear to me ;) I need to go to Marshalls!
    I think blue eyes can honestly wear any eyeshadow color, but I love dark chocolate browns and bronze or copper tones the best. Those will really bring out the blue in your eyes. I am no makeup artist, but I hope that helped a bit!

  4. I want those shoes! Awesome find! Also, your top is gorgeous.

  5. Thank you Janelle! Marshalls and Tj 's rock sometimes!

    Thank you Lynn MG those tips help! Blush Nude it is!

    Thank you beauty girl I like brown hues with my eyes

    Thank you Rae xoxo

  6. Love the top! Its very Balmain-esque.
    The shoes are fab too.
    Followed you! :)

  7. Cute shoes, what a bargain :)

  8. Dolce Vita for $30?!?!? UNHEARD OF!! What!? That's aaamazing! Congrats ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  9. WHAT A SCORE!!!! I haven't had a trip like that in a while, for some reason tourists love to shop at the Marshalls Downtown Chicago....umm folks what about us who live here?!?! I love the studs!

  10. I love love love your new shoes. You can find great deals at Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx with some patience and persistence.

    My make up suggestion: MAC eye shadow in Shroom

    The color is a soft beige pink with shimmer; it's a satin finish. I have this eye shadow and it's got the right amount of shimmer without being over the top. The color is easy to play with and looks good alone or in combination with other shadows. You may want to consider getting a darker eye shadow for a smoky eye. I would check out: Brun, Concrete, Mystery, and Shadowy Lady and see if they work with your facial coloring.

    Good luck with the make-up, I'd love to hear what you pick.

  11. Thank you So much Allison!Great Recs I will have to stop by the Mac counter! =)

    Thanks ladies!I Know I was pretty stoked off the deal on the shoes too!

  12. I love your Marshalls finds! They always have great sales on shoes. The other day I found a pair of Max Studio peep toe booties for $29 but they were a size 8 and i'm a 7 1/2:(

    As for eyeshadow...I have Shroom by MAC and love it. I would also stop by sephora and try out some urban decay colors. Their shadows are great! For nude I would wear cream and gold tones.

    Have fun!

  13. Hi! I've recently started reading your blog and love it! Love your OOTD pics and I remember how I was impressed with your mile-long legs! :) Love your blog!

    I wanted to leave you my feedback re:eyeshadows. I suggest that you check out Nars. They have a nice range of colors and I especially love them because they have a really nice texture.

    Good luck!

  14. Your cats name is Pennie Lane? Oh Amber, I absolutely love you! That is so cute! And Dolce Vita for $30? Yes. Please.

    I'm sorry I can't be of help on the eyeshadow front; I've never used it before. I stick to mascara and eyeliner. :/

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  16. K...not sure where my first comment went! Sorry if this is a re-post!

    Eyeshadow colors:
    -Stila Kitten (quite shimmery, but lovely)
    -MAC Shroom

    Those shoes are FIERCE! What a score!

  17. Oh my goodness, those shoes are insane!

  18. I am very jealous of those finds! Both the shoes are pretty perfect! When the hell are we gonna go bargain shopping together??

    *When I do nude makeup I love using Bare Minerals "glimmer" eyeshadow in the crease highlighted with Mac's "mushroom" shadow under my brows. It's a very dewy/sexy combo :)

  19. I think MAC is your best bet. You could go with a nude primer like Soft Ochre, then on the lid Motif, in the crease Concrete, blend well, use a liner that is a plum or navy color, black mascara. I have some eyeshadow pics on my blog if you want to take a peek.

  20. Love those shoes!

    Here's what I would do on your makeup if I was your artist (this is what I do for a living, btw):

    -Prime your eyes (I like Urban Decay Primer Potion)
    -MAC shadow in Vapour under your brow (perfect nude, with pinky undertones, highlight for your skintone! Not too shimmery, not too light, perfect with any kind of look!)
    -MAC shadow in All That Glitters (a shimmery peachy nude) packed on your lid (again, perfect basic color that you can use with any look, and will be gorgeous with your skin and eyes)
    -MAC shadow in Texture in your crease (by far the best crease color/mid-tone golden brown I have ever used; another color that you can use all the time--I call it a best friend color), buff it into your crease with a fluffy brush, like a MAC 224.
    -MAC shadow in Handwritten buffed into your outer corners, creating that "v" shape (awesome matte rich chocolate brown with warm undertones--it will make your eyes super blue! It's great for giving a smokey look without being too dark, and works as an amazing liner). Smudge a tiny bit under your lower lashes as well.
    -Apply mascara,preferably waterproof (I like Makeup Forever Aqua Smokey Lash--creates amazing full, long and curly lashes!). You could also apply false lashes, if you do, I recommend MAC #7s as they will give you some fullness and length, without anyone really being able to tell you have them on. They are by far the most-used lashes I use for my clients for weddings.
    -Add some chocolate brown eyeliner on your water line (I really like MAC Stubborn Brown powerpoint pencil--it's waterproof and amazing!)
    -For blush, I'd recommend something very soft and natural; try MAC Peaches for your skintone (it's a soft, matte peach, and will compliment your eyecolor and warm undertones. Plus it's so in for spring!) Dust a highlighter on your cheekbones; I really like MAC Vanilla Pigment--supermodel glow everytime!
    -For lips, go with something softly nude: try MAC lipliner in Whirl (neutral pinky brown), MAC Hue lipstick (gorgeous nude baby pink), and MAC creamsheen gloss in Richer, Lusher (soft peachy orange).

    You'll look absolutely stunning!!! Hope that helps!!!

    (BTW, every single product I recommended is a product you'll be able to reuse every single day for a natural look :) )

  21. Great finds! Love those shoes. I never go to Marshall's, guess I need to start, LOL!

    Hmmm, nude make-up--I like the idea behind this video, it's the sexy minimal Giselle look.

    I think I am going to try it tomorrow! But other than that, I think Soft Brown, Satin Taupe, Cork and Bare Study Paint Pot (all MAC) would be great on you anytime. :)

  22. what an amazing outfit! you have incredible style, such an great mix between classic & funky. as for an eye shadow selection one of my faves is satin taupe from mac. i too have blue eyes and a fair skintone & i almost always get compliments when i wear this shadow. the great thing about it is that it can easily be applied all over the lid for an easy take on a smoky eye. you can also opt to intensify it in the crease until you achieve your desired look. brown or taupe shades also appear to be the eye make- up look chosen by kate beckinsale when she wore that amazing nude donna karen gown to the premiere of 'the aviator' (one of my fave looks ever)!!!

  23. WOw thanks for all the detailed makeup advice! Maybe I will practice tonight because usually for events I attempt makeup and then just end up wiping it all off since I suck at it. I really appreciate all the advice wow!

    Izzy-Shopping soon is a must!

    LOL Newyork0311 at the mile long leg comment. The heels help! Thank you =)

    Erika-I am mascara and eyeliner girl too, I never wear eye shadow but I want to give it a try....we'll see! lol

  24. Those shoes are sooo cute. Gotta love Marshall's!

  25. From one blue-eyed girl to another: I *love* MAC in Honesty with an accent of MAC in Mulch. This is what I wear almost every day. When I feel a little fancy, I throw some Goldmine in, too. Black eyeliner + black mascara. I promise, it's a miracle.

    Also, yay for your bargain win! That top is amazing and I want it in my life.

  26. Complete score!! I need to go there now! :)

  27. Whoa what awesome finds! The Dolce Vita pumps are so good!! Can't wait to see what you end up wearing to the wedding.

  28. Love the outfit Amber... and cute shoes! I love shopping the clearance items too! Also love stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Last summer I got Chinese Laundry sandals for a really great deal at TJ Maxx! :)

  29. Thank you maria!

    Ya for scores at Tj maxx and Marshalls, glad I am not the only one who liked them

    bonjouritsjinah - I am PRETTY excited about what i am wearing!

    Shelly- I hadn't been able to find anything there for awhile so I avoided it, but I think I may be back often checking out the steals!

  30. Wow Wow Wow! You found two steals of deals! Those DV heels are fabulous!

    As for your makeup for this weekend, I would suggest using a nice light taupe color (like shroom MAC) and then a darker brown (Mulch MAC) and then layering a little cream shadow on top (Gold Cream Shimmer Eyeshadow Bobbi Brown) on top with black liquid liner and lots of mascara. A little pop of pink on your cheeks and a glossy sheer lip color. Good to go! Have fun!

  31. Great top with those shoes!!! They're perfect together!!! Love it.

  32. Totally know what you mean. I think TJ Maxx and Marshalls are hit and miss type of stores since they carry other store leftover merchandise. It is fun when you find something for a really great price though! :)

  33. i love finding great shoe deals! and both of those are amazing shoes! :)

  34. ow,
    your blog is so incredibly wonderful.
    i just adore the fashion posts!
    There are so many trendy wendys splashed throughout the page!
    love it.

    thankyou for sharing the inspiration!