Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ask Amber: How to Layer in Fall 2010

I've received a few questions on how I go about layering and here are a few of my tips on how to layer pieces this 2010 fall season:

1. Look at inspirations that you can recreate
{J Crew catalogs are an excellent source for layering inspirations}

2. Layer different patterns and colors
{They don't have to be extreme differences but slight variation in color, texture and pattern will enhance the layers effectiveness}

3. Layer different shapes
{Short and Long. Loose and tight. Ruffles with flat layers.}
You want some variation and texture here

4. Layers different fabrics
{Lace and leather. Chiffon and Cashmere. Cotton and Wool}

5. Don't just layers your tops, sweaters and jackets
{Think ruffles under dresses and skirts. Socks over Tights. Dresses over Turtlenecks}

6. When in doubt -- belt!
{Belts help add shape and accent your waist. You don't want to hide your shape under all those layers.}

Here I layered a plaid dress under a boyfriend striped cardigan.
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Without the belt you would not have seen my waist.
And I did the signature J Crew fold the sleeves over the sweater thing.
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And I added socks over tights for a fun addition.
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Joie Dress {similar}, Lauren Conrad for Kohls Cardigan {similar}, Forever 21 tights and socks, Urban boots.
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  1. I am in love with this outfit!

    Great post! :) Thanks for the layering tips!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Love them!
    Enter my giveaway!

  3. I'm all about the layering. It's completely essential in this crazy Seattle weather!

    Love the plaid, so cute!

  4. Thanks you for all teh tips Amber! You look so cute in your outfit! Love the urban boots!


  5. Great tips Amber! And yes, I agree with you, belts are a girls' best friends!

  6. This is such a cute outfit! One of my faves :)

  7. Thanks for the layering tips. I definitely want to try layering more and your tips will definitely help.

    Cute outfit by the way!

  8. That is a perfect weekend outfit. I love it. Those boots are amazing.

  9. Amber, this is fabulous - and I love that outfit! Will need to try some of this out soon. =D

  10. Such a cute outfit! I've been a big fat zero in the layering department, but as the weather cools down I'm sure I'll be throwing many, many layers on.....But that's not an open invitation for the bay area weather to cool down just yet!

  11. I'm loving your layering techniques and this outfit is great.
    I don't know why, but I've never tried folding my shirt over the cardi, but I like the way it looks.

  12. Thanks Ladies!!

    LL I know Anh -- this weather is crazy!!

  13. Very cute Amber! I should have put a belt on my layered look the other day but they never look right on me! I love this entire outfit on you.

  14. Love this look! I might just need to copy it ;)