Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Party Prep: It's My Party And I Can Cry If I Want To

Ya'll know I love parties so when it came time to celebrate Vanessa's birthday I went ahead and took care of the decorations. Because a party is never complete without decorations!

The party came together very nicely and I think it's because we all brought something to the table -- or in this case party. I brought the decor, Vanessa brought the food, Betsy brought the specialty deserts, Annie brought the wine and Jen did our hair!
I personalized water bottles and champagne coupes with all the girls' initials.
And I added Drink me labels to the water bottles.
Available here for printing.
I put stickers on the caps so people could differentiate their bottles.
I used Martha Stewart for Micheal's stickers to personalize the coupes.
The coupes were from the Dollar Tree.
Vanessa brought hummus, dips and crackers from Trader Joes to nibble on when we were getting ready.
Betsy brought yummy Pastries from Masse's Pastries in Berkley
And of course the fabulous Jen set up shop and gave us all party do's!
Happy birthday V!
I hope you had a great time celebrating!!


  1. Everything looks so awesome! Those pastries look to die for!
    I am sure your friend Vanessa had a great Brithday!

  2. I love those drink tags! What an adorable idea.

  3. I love the decor- especially the personalized coupes!

  4. SO FUN!!!! Girls totally love all the details, think it is lost on most men, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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  6. These are such fun ideas! And everything looks great. Well done!

  7. How fun! You make me want to have a party. :p

  8. Such a great topic in this article that was! I like very much this blog with detail info of every products.

  9. What perfect finishing touches ya'll had. Happy birthday to V!

  10. This post caught my attention because of its title. I actually have a post in my drafts of almost the same title! :) Anyway, I love everything you did with the decorations. I actually want to host a party now just so I can attempt to copy what you did. :D

  11. You did such a GREAT job on the party...Im a detail person...so Im loving all the decorations!!!

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  12. You are SO cool, Amber! I love the drink me tags and stickers on the bottle tops! What a great idea. Will definitely need to do it at my next party. =)