Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Logical Playlist of the Moment: What Part Of Party Don't You Understand?

A few Christmases ago Casey gave me a Logitech potable speaker sound system, it may be most used present he has ever given me (in a dead heat race with my camera). My mom had purchased me an iPod that same Christmas so he purchased it mostly to coordinate gifts and give me some iPod accessories. I'm not sure what he was thinking I would use my speakers for. Perhaps for morning dance sessions like the one I had this morning to Gwen Stefani songs, but I am certain he had no idea what a monster he was creating.
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My Logitech speakers, or as my friends and I refer to them as "Logi" it as is a mainstay at my parties. When I am invited out to girls nights Logi is always my plus one. There has even been talk of creating a Facebook Fan page for Logi -- Logi is THAT big of a deal. When Logi comes out the party is kicked up more then a notch.
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And since music makes me so happy, I figured the logical thing to do is to share my top songs that are on Logi's rotation.

So here it goes.
These are the top five tracks that I have been bumping on Logi this week:
1. Raise Your Glass-Pink
2.What's My Name- Rihanna & Drake
3.Last Friday Night Night- Katy Perry
4.Rebellion(Lies)- Arcade lies
5.So Bad-Eminem
A clear sign that Logi is in the house? The shoes that have been kicked off.
And usually some is dancing on a chair or coffee table!
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What songs are on rotation on your playlist this week?


  1. Fun! I'm listening to "Glitter In The Air" at the moment by PINK and had "Maybe It's Time" by Pat McGee Band, "They Weren't There" by Missy Higgins, "OK, It's Alright With Me" by Eric Hutchinson and "You Don't See" by Aslyn and "Unfold" by MariƩ Digby on my iTunes shuffle playlist earlier today! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. Way fun & super cute shoes! I love my Ipod & it has been on my country playlist this week!

  3. Liesl- I love Glitter in the air checking out the rest of your picks.

    Queenie - i love country!! What are you faves right now/??

  4. Love this!
    MJ is always on my playlist!!


  5. I <3 Logi!! He so needs his own Facebook fan page, I can't believe this is his first mention on the blog! I know Casey regrets this purchase when we turn your house into an all night dance party ;)

  6. Yay Logi! I received an IPod and a Bose Docking Station 4 Christmas' ago and it is definitely one of my most used prezzies! I call the docking station my "Music Machine" and it absolutely goes everywhere I go (Even packed it for Vegas). Love Raise a Glass and What's my Name! I am also currently crushing on Daylight and Stuck Like Glue :)

  7. I love the last picture of the shoes. :)