Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Last Baseball Post of 2011: Championship Parade

Yesterday I attended the Giants World Series Championship Parade and ceremony. It was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. The only thing that comes close to what I experienced was when we were in Germany this past summer and they won one of their world cup games.
I got on BART at 7:30 and headed out to the madness. I had to choose between watching the Parade or watching the ceremonies at the Civic Center and I choose the ceremony, it was awesome and it brought tears to my eyes. But I have to admit I kind of regret not being on the Parade root. Either way I was there for History and it was an amazing day!
I am so lucky to have attended the Giants last regular season home game when they cliched heir playoff spot in the NCLS. I also was at Game 2 of the 2010 World Series, the last winning home game of the Championship win. And lastly I celebrated at the Parade.
A fabulous way to end the season!
The energy was amazing, and smiles were everywhere.
The crowd there was HUGE!
And the City was bumping!
It was one heck of a day that I'll never forget.


  1. i just love your enthusiasm! what a great experience!

  2. i still remember how exciting it was in philadelphia two years ago! there's nothing like your home team winning a championship. congrats:)

  3. Congratulations!!! I was there when my Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup in 2007 (I even got to celebrate with them in the locker room - I'll never forget that!), so I know the joy that you feel. I'm so incredibly happy for you, and I'll be smiling and thinking of you every time they refer to the Giants as "the defending champions." Love it!

  4. thank you ladies!!

    Kathryn that is awesome!! I am very jealous!!!

  5. I was at the parade too! I picked the ceremony as well and stood at a spot where I got see the parade too, but you're right...I wish I had been on the parade route. Oh well, the main thing was just being there! GO GIANTS!!!

  6. OMG the last few weeks have been madness. The Giants totally deserved this win, and the city of SF just proved it even more. Both SF and the Giants made me a very proud native San Franciscan last Wednesday!!

    xo Carlina

  7. Ahh awesome you went! I was watching this on TV -- looked so fun/exciting! Great pics :)

    xx Laura