Monday, November 22, 2010

Things I Love: Hook 'Em Horns

I always wanted to say that. It always sounds so fun when I see my Texas friends post Hook 'Em on Facebook. On Saturday I came home to a package of Texas goodies from my good internet friend Lindsey {of HipLip}.

I have 'known' Lindsey for about 4 years now. We first met on a fashion forum, where many things besides fashion were discussed. Now we have moved on to being Facebook and Blog friends. So when my beloved San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers made it to the World Series, Lindsey propositioned me with a bet: The fan of the losing Team would have to send the other person a goody bag full of treats from their local region.

Check out what Lindsey sent me!! Pretty awesome right?
I'm thinking of planning a Cowgirl party complete with a BBQ.
Perhaps we can watch some football at the party...
It's pretty much a party in a box!
And for some comparison.
Texas BBQ sauce and some Local NorCal BBQ sauce.
Thank you so much Lindsey!!


  1. That's my Alma Mater! I can't vouch for the nuts because I'm allergic. Although I've heard their good. But the other things are all fantastic. Great package, enjoy it!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. You are welcome, Amber! It was fun to put together. If you ever come to Texas we will try the "real stuff"'s hard to put this magical state in a box. LOL jk. XO!

  3. What a fun little goodie bag Lindsey sent you! Love it.

  4. hook 'em. and yes, the stuff from salt lick is heaven in a bottle.

  5. Looks delicious! I've never had any of it. I hope to try it someday!

  6. The salt lick will change your life, if you ever get a chance to head on down to Texas and eat there. Amaaaaazing. :)

  7. You throw the best parties!!!

  8. That was so sweet of her, looks like a fun goodie bag.

  9. I agree you throw the best parties, I think a cowgirl themed party is a great idea!!

  10. The Salt Lick items that you received should be amazing! I've eaten there before and they have wonderful BBQ. I hope you enjoy it.