Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogger Event: The Bold and The Beautiful

On Tuesday night I went to the San Francisco Union Street Levi's Flagship Store for their Curve ID event. The fabulous Anh, of 9 to 5 Chic ,was so sweet to invite me to the event as her guest!! I was super stoked to meet Anh and to check out the new jeans. Jeans that are made to fit your body and curves (or lack there of).

When we arrived, the store was closed for invited guests. Anh and I chatted and checked out the scene before the part I dreaded...getting measured. Think Bra sizing, but they don't tell you number, which was nice, they just tell you your Curve.

I was told that my waist to seat ratio was high (small waist, big seat), making me a Bold Curve. Captain Obvious could have filled me in on that bit of information, but I was interested in checking out the Bold Jeans, and to see if they could really fix all the issues I had with jeans.
Getting my blog on.
Photo by Chris Andre
50% of women in America are the Demi curve.
Leaving the other 50% with muffin tops, jeans big in the thighs, and women with gaps in the back (raises hand).
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The Senior Vice President of marketing filled us in on how they developed jeans to fit different shapes, not just different sizes.
Three models with 27" waists' modeled the three curves.
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I tried on maybe 20 pairs of jeans. I ended up trying on the Bold's in variety of sizes, and both the other two styles of Curve's. Finally I found a pair of Bold's that fit me like a glove.

But there were a few aspects about the Bold Curve's that I did not like.
They seemed to accentuate my curves too much. I felt like I had an inner tube on my waist, or something highlighting my hips and butt. Almost like a big arrow pointing to my curvy areas, labeled with the caption "Hey, Check this out!".

Also the Bold's had a short zipper, which shortens my long legs. Anything that shortens my legs adds the appearance of extra pounds on my frame. And lastly, the Bold Curve had small pockets, another thing that does not flatter my body.
Um, I think he's pointing out my bold curves!
Photo by Chris Andre
So although the Curve jeans fit me perfect, visually they were not flattering for me.
I ended up with a pair of really sick Demi jeans that I can't wait to rock.
Thank you to the Levi's team for putting on such a fabulous event and thanks for my new pair of Jeans!!!
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Big thanks to Anh for inviting me!
She was a doll! Seriously. She's super chic and really sweet. It was so nice to meet her and I hope we hang out again soon.
I love making new friends!
Photo by Chris Andre


  1. So great seeing two of my favorite bloggers come together:) Makes me want to go and try on the jeans! xoxo

  2. What an awesome event! I would definitely fall into the nearly flat butt category. I'm going to check these out bc I have SUCH a difficult time finding great jeans. All the ones I have are just ones that fit me best, but not fantastic. Your pics look great! Thanks for sharing the info!

  3. aw thanks Higfashionforless! You should! All the girls there LOVED the jeans, It was awesome!

    Miss K--you should, lot's of the girls liked how they fit!

  4. What a neat event! I may have to check out some Levi's for my junk in the trunk! HAHA

  5. What an amazing event! Looks like a great time. Thanks for your sweet comment! Love your gorgeous blog- following now :) xoxo

  6. looks like a great event! Love your shots

  7. looks like a great time! I love shopping in SF, you kinda never leave empty handed ;)

    xo Carlina

  8. I'm so not interested in Levi's "Curve" denim -- did you see the ad they are currently running on this? All of the "curvy" models are size 25s! I'm not saying that you can't be curvy and a size 25 but the majority of curvy women aren't 25s. I need Levi's to get with the program for the 95% of the population that isn't a size 25.

  9. I remember seeing you there. Your outfit was adorable! It cracks me up that I'm in the background of your fitting room pic. haha. Which wash did you end up getting?

  10. Wow, I have not worn Levis for years. I might have to give them a try!
    Such a fun event.
    P.S. I also just got that blouse from H&M. I loved it so much!

  11. I will definitely give them a try! I could use a little umph in that area;)

  12. Queen of heart-That women in the picture of me trying on jeans was part of Levi's and she was wearing the jeans, But I know what you mean.

    Tashina- Omg that's funny! I got the demi's in black with zippers.

    Rosa_ I know right? I haven't worn them since the 501 days. YAy great minds think alike ;)

    Thanks Liesl!

  13. hey amber..
    looks like someone had a gr8 time!
    alws love seeing ur blogs..

    check out mine..
    feel free to write in


  14. Such a cool event!
    So glad you got to meet Anh, I love how you two are so close to each other.

  15. Super fun event! You had me laughing with your percentage breakdown. I too would be a "Bold Curve" with gaps in the back. Always been a problem for this girl.

    Those pink things looks delightful, what are they?

  16. Lyndsy-I ddidn't try them but I think they we cocnut or somthign not totally sure. But they were pretty!