Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Were You?

I was woken up that morning by the phone ringing. The night before I was at an A's game. They beat the Rangers 7 to 1. Even for a Giants fan like me, it as a great game to watch. College classes on Tuesday didn't start until late in the day, so I had plenty of time to sleep in. The phone ringing was the last thing I wanted to happen. Or so I thought.

It was my Dad calling. With panic in his voice he told me he was okay. He was in New York for work and the first tower had just been hit. He told me to turn on the TV. I sat in my room and watched in horror as the second tower was hit and together they crumbled. Everything I thought knew about the United States went down with those two buildings. How could this have happened?

My Dad was stuck in New York for a few days after that. Flights were grounded. Bridges were closed. Trains and buses were full. Finally they tracked down a rent-a-car and drove cross country on Route 66 back to California.

Baseball resumed a few days later. Barry Bonds ended up hitting 71 home runs that year, and the A's clinched the Wild Card for the American League. But everyone had a heavy heart after September eleventh. And things didn't seem to matter the same way they did before. Our world was forever changed.

We all remember that day. Where we were, how we found out, and how it effected us.
Where were you on September 11 2001?
If you blogged about where you were, leave a link in the comments.
Let's all remember the day we will never forget.


  1. i remember...

  2. I was literally leaving my apartment to head to work in NYC. I had Hot 97 playing on the radio and they made some comment about a plane hitting the WTC. Since they always made stupid cracks on the morning show, I didn't pay it any mind until they repeated the statement. I turned on my t.v. and saw unspeakable horrors unfolding before my eyes.



  5. I was living in Manhattan on September 11th in the midst of it all and remember being awoken by my dad after the plane hit and the tone in his voice is something I will never forget...nor that very day.

    I was stuck in NYC until they allowed people to leave and I was able to take a train, which was free to all who rode it on the day they let people leave the city, and I took it to Summit, NJ where I was greeted by my dad's smiling face and then mother once we got home.

    Thanks for sharing, Amber!

    Liesl :)

  6. I was driving car pool.. maggie who I had jsust picked up said her mom( a navy dr) had called and said a plane had hit..etc...I went into the school office and everyone was frozen in terror as they listened to the broadcast.. I returned home in time to see more taken down.............. horrific... our pastor had already written his message on Psalm 91 for that week..

  7. That sad day changed the lives of people forever:(

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  8. We all changed...we will never be the same...but, We don't want to forget...not for revenge...but, so we can always remember...our loved ones, friends, co-workers and the heroes borned that day.

    I was just trying to decide what to wear, when my husband called from Mississippi, I will never forget his tone of voice, telling to turn on the tv.......


  10. I was sitting in Mr. D's calculus class. I was a senior in High School. Our vice-principal ran into our class because were were the closest classroom to his office and demanded the Mr. D turn on the TV. We all sat there in silence as the second plane hit the South Tower. Then the principle came onto the loud speaker to inform all classes to stay where they were and turn on the tv. Since we live in Philadelphia, many parents and family members work in NYC, including my own father a couple days a week. We were instructed to come to the office to try to call our parents if we needed to. Thankfully my mother already called the office to say my dad was too busy in his NJ office to go to New York that day. For many others, however, they soon learned their family members were hurt, or even worse, had perished.

    That day we were not allowed to walk home (as I usually did) and had to have someone pick us up. A friend's father dropped me off at my house and I went to check in on my grandmother. She was sitting in her room crying because she was remembering her time in Europe during the Holocaust. She was so fearful that life in America would become that. I, too, was scared. For my brother, going to law school in Tallahassee, it was especially hard since September 11th is his birthday. His birthday will never be the same.

  11. I was in the library and this particularly dramatic lady ran thru yelling about World War III and the trade Center. Since there's a trade center in my town, I thought it was that, but I turned on the tv and was shut down for the rest of the day. just shocked.

  12. Thanks you all for sharing. And thank you to all the men and women who serve our county.

  13. I was a Sophmore in HS & that morning I forgot to set my alarm.

    In a rush I threw on a black tank top that had NEW YORK across the chest in big gold letters. Since I had just missed the bus I had to have my mom drop me off at school.

    On the way we had the radio on and the host made a joke (note: this was early still, prob around 7:30), "Why is today a state of emergency?" Listeners called in trying to guess the answer. Finally the host said, "Because today is 9-1-1." I laughed.

    I was in my 2nd period History class & my teacher had served in the army and fought in the Gulf war.

    He told us a small plane hit one of the Twin Towers. We all assumed it was an accident, but he continued to make it into a bigger deal. I thought what does this have to do with a small plane accidentally hitting one of the towers? He explained how he believed it wasn't an accident and for the first time in my life I heard the word Terrorism.

  14. I am glad your dad was okay and made it home safely.

    I was waking up for class and listening in the shower in disbelief. When I arrived at class everyone just had a blank face and surprisingly the teacher proceeded on with class.

    It still makes me so sad.

  15. I was in a studio in Times Square with no real idea of what was happening downtown. My account is on my blog below.