Monday, September 13, 2010

Party Prep: I'ma Let You Finish

I like to be festive. I like to party. I like to dress up. And I like to celebrate the biggest and smallest things in life. So when the VMA's are on, I don't just block off my Sunday night. I plan VMA themed menu, rock my 2002 Eminem concert tee, and utilize the heck out of anything I have around that reminds me of anything Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.
So excited that Chelsea hosted! It was my favorite, but the opening making fun of Gaga was pretty classic.
Of course I had lots of M&M's around.

Pre-VMA's entertainment--in honor of my fellow California Girl, Katie Perry.

Moon Men Mahi Mahi Burgers.
There really wasn't any omg did that just happen moments this year.
I also thought that last year's performance's by Pink, Gaga and Beyonce's KILLED it compared to year's performances.
And I don't think this year's Lady Gaga wore an outfit I could recreate, but I loved how she honored Alexander McQueen, who is rumored to have designed all her crazy looks from last year.
Did you watch? What did you think?


  1. I wish I was your next door neighbor, I'd crash every "party" of yours :) I actually missed most of the show due to football, go figure, but I know MTV will reply the sht out of it. Can't wait to see everything I missed!

  2. I did watch...and I was impressed by some and bored by others. I love that you have all your themed parties...and I love EM as much as you!! Maybe one day when my boys are all growed up I can host big people parties and not just birthday parties.

  3. How fun! I'm gonna try to catch up on clips today.

    xx Vivian @

  4. I second E Hayes- If I was your neighbor I'da crashed the party :) Everything looks so cute!

  5. What a fun and creative way to celebrate the evening! I didn't watch, but I recorded it and will catch up on it tonight. I with I had one of your mahi mahi burgers while I watched!

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  7. You are always an incredible party planner! I so want to move to CA so I could crashed all your parties! Just like E Hayes and Mother of style. Hehehe

  8. I want party with you lovely lady...I cant get enough you..your just too fabulous!!

    I think you should a gossip girl party tonight and i'll wish I was there.

  9. Haha! So cute. I loved Eminem and Rhianna's opening and Katy Perry's dress was adorable!

    <3, natasha xoxo

  10. such a fun idea! I watched too. Loved that jersey shore was there. Haha..they're hilarious!

  11. Thanks girls! I get a little too into my party planning! OMG Aly i missed it! I didn't realize it started yesterday!!

  12. So fun! I thought last years show was a lot better, but really enjoyed Florence and the Machine. She KILLED it! Also loved me some Chelsea Handler :)

  13. I didn't watch it but I'm in LOVE with the fact that you threw a party! Seriously adorable and amazing!

    P.S. Great to meet you the other night!

  14. I too like to host parties to celebrate the big and small and dress up and I love that you did that for the VMA's...what great pics! FUN!

    Liesl :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my little site and for the sweet comment!