Sunday, September 12, 2010

Look of the Day: I Can't Tell You What it Really Is, I Can Only Tell you What it Feels Like

And right now it's a steel knife in my wind pipe.
That lyric always gets to me. That song has been my anthem this summer. I may not have had a steel knife in my wind pipe, but I sure had one in my lung to kick off my summer. Plus my friend Vanessa told me anytime he says Kim it's just codeword for Amber--and I believe her.

and his emotion filled lyrics are something that always speak to me. Maybe it's his anger, or perhaps his honesty. Whatever it is it, I have always loved Eminem. And tonight I cheered him on at the VMA's rocking my 2002 Eminem concert tee.

He brought the house dee double you DOWN tonight. It was so good to see him in a good place again. And you know I rocked my Lady Gaga Halloween costume when I was cheering on Gaga. I'm totally a little monster!!
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Eminem Concert Tour tee, LF Stores, earrings, Only Hearts Lace bell bottoms leggings.
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I'll be back later with my MTV VMA's viewing "party" recap.
What is the definition of party?
Because if it means you have to have guests, technically this does not count as a party...


  1. LOVE those look cute in a ponytail:)

  2. You look comfy and cute Amber! I love your room

  3. Eminem and Gaga were the only good things about the VMA's last night! My bf and I love them to death!

  4. I think you're the only person who could rock lace bell bottoms. you go glen coco!