Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Recap: Lakeside Lounging

Casey and I have gone to Lake Tahoe every Labor Day weekend for the past 7 years. It's nice to get away and enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe during the summer time. The weather was perfect for lake front dining, softball watching and Casino hopping at night. The money I won at the casino really made my weekend. Can we say fall boot fund?
Here are some of the other highlights:
On the way up we stopped in auburn for lunch. We dined at the Auburn Alehouse and loved it so much we stopped in on our way home as well.
We ordered the $7 sampler selection of brews and were shocked when they brought this spread out. Nine samples of beer.Check out the head on their Shanghai Stout.
If ever in the area, Auburn Alehouse is a must stop.
The food was good as well!

Later Casey and I enjoyed drinks and dinner lakeside.
So beautiful.
For dinner Saturday night, we met our friends , John and Ashley, for tacos and margaritas. Ashley's was virgin since she's about 7 months pregnant.
The Lovely view of Lake Tahoe from our hotel.
And I got a PSL! So excited for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.
I rarely get Starbucks unless I'm out of town so it was nice to indulge.
And I spent a lot of time watching softball. All part of the Labor Day in Tahoe tradition.
It was so nice to have a low key weekend lake side.


  1. Great pics...great food, great company...sounds like an amazing time!!

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  2. That looks like the life! Glad you had a fun weekend, Amber!

    Liesl :)

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and love looking to your posts for inspiration - I gave you an award on my blog - http://wp.me/psZkQ-1dr - because I think you're fabulous!!
    Hope you're week is great!

  4. Great pictures!!! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend!

  5. Looks like a blast Amber! I love Lake Tahoe. I was only there once when I was a kid (14ish), but I'd LOVE to go back... maybe I'll plan a Labor Day trip there next year since the weather looks absolutely perfect :)

    oh and ahi sliders?? ::drool::

  6. Wow that sampler for $7 is a steal!


  7. PearlsandGreenTea-Right!?

    Erinn-you should! Where did you go when you came last time do you remeber?

    Thanks Anh!

    Liesl and COllette-you ladies are always so sweet!

    Viciousssweettooth! Thank you!!! That is so sweet of you!!! =)

  8. My dad and I had a roadtrip spring break vaca... we started in SF, then visited my cousin at Sac State, then headed Tahoe and stayed with my dad's cousin on the Cali side, then finished the trip in Reno meeting some other family there.

    We were going to go skiing one day at Heavenly, but it was a really windy day so we went to Sierra instead. My parents actually met while living/working in Tahoe. :)

  9. Oh how cool!

    That's almost like the Trip we did( i likve right by San Fran) But we stopped in Roseville (just west of Sac and headed up the Mountain on the other side). We almost made it Reno for this big Rib cook off but Casey's softball team kept winning! lol

  10. I'm loving this pics in this post! The beer and food look SO delish, and the Lake Tahoe view is gorgeous. :)

  11. awesome pics, what a lovely weekend!
    I never drink coffee either (except for PSLs!) They are such a treat!
    The girls told me today I could get Chai tea with Pumpkin Spice Milk or mix or something instead. May have to try it!

  12. I have been dying to go to Tahoe and this post just REALLY made we want to go even more now :) That beer sampler looks incredible and the food...so tasty! Glad ya'll had a fun time!