Friday, September 17, 2010

Look of the Day: Captian Jack Sparrow

I've been slowly transitioning my wardrobe to fall. Although the temperature is still warm, the leaves are slowly starting to turn, and pumpkins and squashes are in season, so to me that means fall!

This sparrow print H&M dress is the perfect transitional piece. I can't wait to wear this later in the season with tights and a sweater--although a sweater would cover up the cute shoulder detail. Transitional pieces are necessary for the California seasons. And fall clothes don't just have to be sweaters and boots, although I can't wait for boots!

Annie pointed out that I have thing for bird prints. I think like polka dots and stripes, bird prints are just something that make me happy. Expect to see this dress often this fall, I heart it!

Loving the shoulders!

H&M Sparrow print dress, Cynthia Vincent wedges.


  1. Very cute and I LOVE the wedges!!

  2. Wow, you make this dress look so amazing! I love it paired with the wedges especially!

  3. Hot damn, that dress is so flattering on your body. You look freaking fantastic!

  4. This dress looks so great on you! I picked it up on Wednesday and was admiring it, now I may have to go back and actually purchase it after seeing it on you :)

  5. I LOVE this dress Amber!! I know I would look like a crazy 80's dancer in it though so I will just admire it on you from across blog land. Isn't it sad that Fall is already here? Gosh it feels like it was just Spring yesterday...

  6. Soo cute! Although those shoulders would make me look like a linebacker, you look fab as always!

  7. I love it! Super cute & I've been seeing birds everywhere recently. Shoes are amazing too!

  8. I LOVE birdprints too and I am still very jealous of everyone who has an H&M closeby! I dont believe they will ever make it to texas!


  9. HOlly and JEn- surprised by how many of you think the shoulder wouldn't look good on you. I guess that says a lot about what flatters different bodies. The puffy shoulder work really on me.

    Holly everytime I see bird prints it reminds me of you and little wren!

    Tien you are always too nice! Your comments are always the best!

    Thanks ladies!

    Lady Lipstick_ I know it ucks that don't sell online either!

  10. I really really like this dress :) I wish I could wear wedges. I am too tall!!

  11. That dress looks stunning on you and it is such a pretty shape loving those puff sleeves xoxo

  12. I love all of your looks. Stunning. Now following.

    Lots of love
    Karoline @ SECONDHAND NEWS

  13. Sweet dress!! It's going to be perfect with tights and boots and lots of knit layers in the fall!