Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Celebration: Four Christmases

Remember how I mentioned how much I could relate to the movie Four Christmases? Well Casey and I literally have four Christmases to attend. Tonight's was Christmas #2 at Casey's Mom's house. Sheila was so sweet and had her place decorated so cute! We had a great time playing with my nieces, eating GOURMET french food (French was the theme of the night in honor of my SIL Rebecca) and opening gifts. I received the most thoughtful gifts. Thank you so much Sheila!

Sheila's adorable decorations and gift wrapping... her secret is glue guns!!

Rebecca gave us all French themed gifts, everything was made in France =)
My girly gifts from Sheila. She may have raised two sons but she sure knows how to shop for the girls!
A new notebook!!! I have a notebook obsession, hence the blog name. How cute is Rebecca that she made these?? She needs to open an Etsy store!
And Sheila always remembers Pennie =)
And my favorite gifts of the night were both vintage AND things I have been on the hunt for!
Rebecca hunted down this totally awesome globe for me, I adore it! I can't wait to find the perfect place for it. I have always wanted to collect globes so this is my first one! =)
AND....... Sheila found me Vintage Champagne Coupes that I have been wanting FOREVER!!!!!
SO EXCITED ABOUT THESE! Just in time for New Years, I will feel so Marie Antoinette toasting with these. Unsure what to toast with this New Year's eve? Check out my friend LC's review of Sparkling wine and Champagne on her blog.
Thank you so much to my wonderful family, I am so lucky to have gained such an amazing Family into my life. I love them all dearly. I only hope your holiday season is as wonderful as mine has been. I love Christmas excitement!


  1. those decorations are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Oh no, the girls in the christmas excitement pic are almost too cute to handle. What a great shot, that's how I'm feeling about Christmas right about now!

  3. Mrs. Dew they were so pretty I took a millin pis of all her decorations, so cute. I Rachel isn't that the cutest! LOL

  4. SO glad you enjoyed your gifts. We are so grateful for you and Casey, too. I almost started crying when I saw this picture of Anne except I was laughing too! How perfectly priceless is this picture of pure excitement of a little one at Christmas, captured. *sigh* I am going to steal this picture, k? Thanks for taking it. And thanks ever so much for everything last night xoxo

  5. Isn't that the BEST picture!??? You can HAVE my pictures anytime. Wish we had more time together, we have to do something for your birthday! =)

  6. Such a cute picture of Anne! And Sheila's decorations are cute!! Love the French theme.