Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look of the Day: Sister, Sister

Today we are at my Mom's house celebrating a traditional Czech Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is the Big night to celebrate Christmas in the Czech Republic, so we always have a super traditional Christmas Eve. Where my Gma makes all the traditional Czech Christmas foods.
I am rocking my Juicy Jacket, and Pency Dress. I am starting to feel like Lady Gaga these days, my hair pieces just keep getting crazier and crazier.

And Special Guest Look of the day, MY SISTER. She has the hair in the family. Andi is wearing a H&M tunic and Chinese Laundry boots.
Hope you have a great Christmas Eve!


  1. I loveeee your sister's tunic, She has such pretty hair too!

  2. Your Pencey dress is so cute! I have an awesome blazer from them I never wear... I need to pull that out again. When the weather isn't blizzard-ing, that is. :)


  3. Amber,
    Thanks so much for all your help today and all the woderful presents for aall of us ....
    Love you!

  4. Such a darling outfit Amber!!! Love love love the hairpiece, I need a closeup pic of it, and the Pencey dress is so perfect for the holidays...and of course I love your Juicy coat!!
    Your sister looks so cute as well!
    Stylish Sistas!!!lol