Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa....I know him!

I had a really great day today and I hope you did as well! It started with Toys For Tots, which was amazing. It felt great to help out families and make their Christmases Merry! I had a great time playing Santa! Although I think it is important to help all year long, as I have been doing at the food bank this year, I do love that people go out of their way to help this time of year.

And Aside from playing Santa Claus, I also got some smiles from:
J featuring me as a guest blogger on The Look For Less, her intro to my post was so sweet! Chelsea also made my day by posting about her shopping haul! This made me smile from ear to ear! Don't ever tell me you don't have style again =)And lastly my first published Fashion Article went live on If all goes well I will be periodically posting there.

And a recap of the day:
Our Instructions for handing out toys, those kids got more then one toy, for sure! Each family also got art supplies, flip flops, socks and board games. As well as blankets, clothes, bags of food, Gift-cards for 2 shoes at Payless shoes and a Safeway giftcard.
I continued my holiday spirit by picking up some presents.
And I couldn't help but pick up a few things for myself... All from Urban.
Hope you had a great Monday as well! And thank you to any new readers from The Look For Less!


  1. WOW! congrats on your 1st published! Look at you go, you little miss over-acheiver! I am so proud and admire you greatly! xoxo

  2. Congrats on the published piece! Just an observation, I was wondering why the same paragraph repeated itself three times. Was that a publishing error?

    I can't wait to see what other new designers you introduce. Perhaps, as a suggestion, you can write your 2010 predictions for hot pieces or styles slated for the upcoming year. With the economy picking up (or so we hope), will we see more color and patterns, for example. Just a thought.

  3. R- thank you! i am not the over achiever by any means but thank you! xoxo

    Linda-Thanks for the honest feedback Linda. Great observation I am going to ask them about that tomorrow. I love the suggestion, not totally sure what I will be posting over there and how much I chose, but I LOVE that idea!

  4. Are those ornaments from J Crew? They're so cute!

  5. No the ornaments are from macys, 50% off right now =)

  6. I love that sweater on the right (last pic)! I don't see it online...must run to store asap!

  7. Congraulations!! You are published :)

    Love hearing about the Toys for Tots. And btw I WILL be buying those ornaments - I know a lot of ladies who would love them!

  8. Love that you made my name pink :) Now when I get up in the morning I think WWAW (What would Amber Wear?) Not that I can wear what you do, but I can make more stylish choices.

    Both of your articles were AWESOME.

    I love love love the ornaments-how cute!

    Yay for good days!!!

  9. P.S. I love those RACHEL shoes in the article!!! Know where I could find them?

  10. Thank girls! LOL Chelsea! That is kinda how i thik before eating these days after reading so many food blogs. The RACHEL shoes should be online at Macy's and in some select stores. My macys does not have them. here is the link you can check online if your store carries them

  11. Love the ornaments!! And love the Urban buys! Totally wanting all of them!