Sunday, December 6, 2009

Look of the Day: These Boots were Made for Walking

My wine tasting outfit include my Joie OTK boots, Nordtrom Leather jacket from last year's Anniversary sale , COH jeans and a Rebeca Taylor Tunic. Casey kept pointing out when girls were checking me out and by checking me out he meant they were checking out my sweet boots. I'm glad it provided entertainment for him and I do have to say these boots are pretty awesome.

Yay for a different mirror!
I was able to sneak in a little outlet shopping on our way to Carneros Valley. We only hit up the American Apparel outlet but we got some good stuff.
Kicking up my feet after a long day.
Mom, thanks so much for the fireplace suite! It was awesome!



  1. LOVE your boots! I just saw your comment on my blog! I think I found your blog through Nicole's...yes we should definitely meet up! I'm about to graduate from CSUEB in June...where are you located?

  2. Ahem, better picture of the boots plz. *grabby hands*

    And I'm happy to see another Rebecca Taylor fan out there- I love everything she does to death!

  3. Looks like an amazing trip! I <3 Napa and your outfit is perfect. Those boots are hot and you rock them!

  4. Chloe there are better boot pictures here. I have to try to take better shoe pictures for you! =)

    Thanks Shana!

  5. That picture by the fireplace is the best - just the perfect vision of winter relaxation :)