Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

I am a terrible baker. I just don't have the patience or talent for it. Casey's My friend Johnny once told me that I make the ugliest cakes, this coming from the guy that told my Mom she was the Isaac Newton of dessert making. Well of course the only time of year (besides Casey's birthday) I need to bake, my pretty much brand new oven breaks. So I am sitting here waiting on the repair man. You know that whole "I'll come between 8 o'clock and 2 o'clock deal"?? Well I decided to do some repairs of my own on a Robert Rodriquez dress with missing buttons. Good thing I keep a button box full of all my tags with buttons and matching thread, I was easily able to pull out the correct buttons an quickly fix my dress, no 8-2 window necessary. Seriously who gets the repair man at the 8 o'clock time slot? I always get the 2 o'clock one!

My broken oven. We got this thing in August, of course it blows up on me now when I need to bake cookies for my new neighbors and my lovely UPS man who brings me Neiman's and ShopBop packages.
What do you get your UPS man (or women)? We are debating what to get him besides cookies, since he comes so often.
Extra Button box. Of course a Martha Idea, I have also seen her use a binder. How do you organize your extra buttons? Or do you toss yours?
Yay for saving buttons!
My poor dress that needed to be fixed.
Here's to hoping the repair man gets here soon! I am debating between a yoga video, wrapping presents or catching up online. Well with a 8:oo-2:00 window I may fit them all in!


  1. hope you have a productive 6 hours! i have no idea what to give my UPS people...they're always different!

  2. that dress is gorgeous! I don't give the UPS people anything, because I never see them, my door men on the other hand..they clean my out - eek!

  3. i keep my buttons in one of those bead organizer things from hobby lobby. i love robert rodriquez--i wore a yellow top of his last week and got tons of compliments!

  4. I keep my buttons in a drawer in my dressing area. I never see my UPS man since everything gets delivered to work.

  5. I keep my buttons in a little drawer under the bathroom sink! Perfect for finding them whenever I need to fix something. Love that dress!

  6. My buttons go in a shoe box. Lord help me if I ever need to find one- I have probably 203472937409237 buttons all shoved in there- I do try to keep the garment's tag with them, though, so hopefully that'll make it easier for me to find one!

    As far as the UPS man goes, I'm totally thinking of taping Petunia to the front door with a bit of mailing tape with a note posted on her head that says, "HERE."

    My UPS man is known for throwing my boxes at the door and running (the Fedex guy is so nice, so what gives Mr. UPS MAN?) so he'd TOTALLY DESERVE IT.

    Also, Petunia is the same colors as the UPS truck. Coincidence? YOU TELL ME. :D

  7. I have a button drawer in my giant jewelery box! Might have to move someday soon though!
    AND my UPS man left my mom's Christmas present on the neighbors front step today - minor meltdown for me when I got home and it said package had been delivered and it wasn't here. Crisis averted though. phew.

  8. So my UPS seems amazing compared to everyone else! I guess I need to hook him up! Button draw huh? I only wish I had the room for that!!