Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's That Time of Year

It's only December 3rd and I have already watched Christmas Vacation several times, Home Alone twice, and Ruldolph once. And I still can't wait to watch Elf, A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown and all the rest of the Holiday classics several time overs as well. I don't know what it is about Christmas Movies but I sure love them!

Rudolph is defiantly one of my Top Three Favorite Christmas Movies, Elf and Home Alone taking the other two slots.
Who doesn't Love the Adbominal Snowman??
I can't wait to bust out this copy cat style. I just dug this tee out of my Christmas boxes.
Casey's favorite Christmas Movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. This moive has been seen serveral times at our house due to AMC's need to play it twice every-night this week
"Looks Great, little Full, lotta sap".
And along with the Holiday Movie Repetion I have also had my Itunes Christmas playlist on a continuous loop. I love the classics (Gene Autry, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole) mixed with newer stuff (Carrie Underwood, Christina Aquilera, Mariah Carey) and instrumental (Chris Botti, Tsiolkovsky's Nutcracker).
I would love to hear your favorite Christmas Songs, Albums and Movies are well. I can always use a new favorite! Go check out Nicole's playlist here. I will be posting my Christmas Decor soon!!


  1. I LOVE Christmas Vacation. I've seen it a million times but I still almost fall off the couch laughing at the sledding scene.

  2. I love Christmas movies, you can watch them over and over!

    I will check out that scrap blog website, thanks! Also I got an email from alice and the website said they are going to have mrs meyers, dr bronner, and a few other items I request they would carry. I thought that was quick! We are going on vacation for a week to visit family and will not be online so I will let you know prices when I get home so you can compare. I was happy to see they have my shampoo and conditioner, and I will save $6. I am also going to place an order when I get home so I will see how quick shipping is. Have a great weekend!

  3. i've never watched elf----- but i bought the dvd during black friday- so it'll be something that we'll bring during out loooooooong drive to michigan

    i love "Love actually" for xmas time....polar express ( cho-ca-laate...LOL!)

    and i have the "little miss christmas" tee all ready to go! heck, i might even wear it tonight when we get the tree up! ;)

  4. I know why Casey likes National Lampoon's Vacation so much, he actually got the same huge tree for me 4 years ago! It twas so big we cound not fit it into the room and had to take it back.

  5. omg bagfashionista Elf is SOO funny! You will love it! Yay for the little miss christmas tree tee, I have that one as well. Oh my Mom loves Love Actually I need to watch that I have seen it but was distracted but everyone always rave about it.

    Thanks for checking that out for me Kelly! Definatly let me know about shipping =)

    LOL J! That part is Hilarious!

    Mom- lol I will have to post about that story one of these days.

  6. Love kids had to try pancake syrup on their spaghetti after watching that movie. As for the oldies like Sinatra and Dean Martin...but one of my favorites is Harry Connick his Christmas music.

  7. White Christmas with Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye. And "I want a Dog For Christmas Charlie Brown".
    I love all of HGTV & Martha Stewart Christmas decorating and Rick Stevens Christmas in Europe

    Favorite song right now is "Where are you Christmas" by Faith Hill. I feel like now that I am grown up some of the magic is gone.


  8. I loooove the Rudolph movie! I always try to watch it at least once during the season.

    What about the sequel with the Snow and Heat Misers? Pretty sure I can sing BOTH those songs from memory.

  9. I LOVE Christmas movies. Home Alone (I & II), Christmas Vacation, and Elf are my favorites. In fact, I'm planning on watching "Home Alone" tonight. :) I love Rudolph, as well!

    In regards to Christmas music, the classics are my favorite, too - but I am IN LOVE with the "Elf" soundtrack. I have it on my iPod, and listen to it all the time around this time of year. Probably too much, really... I also really love Mariah Carey's Christmas CD, even though I'm not a fan of her otherwise.