Saturday, December 12, 2009

How do you eat them, with your hands?

I love ketchup! When I was little I thought I was going to market and sell bottles of "Mutchup" (I guess I wasn't the only one with that idea, Kramer has the same idea as well). Sometimes I use food solely as tool to eat more ketchup. Take french fries for example, I could eat a whole plate of them, but mainly because I want the ketchup served with them. Recently a blogger (I can't seem to remember who) blogged about butternut squash french fries. Being a fan of sweet potato fries and butternut squash , I decided to give them a try. They were amazing, so much better then sweet potato fries. Here is how I made mine:

Yup, I eat my fries with a fork, just like George eats his snickers with a fork.
"What do you eat the with, your hands?"
Clearly I like spicy things, these could also be made without the spicy aspect. And If you notice my ketchup is in a glass container. I try to avoid plastic as much as possible and disposable items as well. So I buy huge cans of ketchup from Costco and then put it in refillable containers. It is "greener" then buying plastic bottles every time we run out plus I think it looks charming.

And a picture of me many years ago when I ate an marshmallow dipped in ketchup, after Casey's brother dared me. I don't remember it being that bad lol!


  1. I am completely the same way! I used to be so obsessed with ketchup, but I've mellowed out a bit. I ate macaroni and cheese with ketchup even. My cousins used to joke that I put ketchup on ice cream, but that was a lie.

  2. Better than sweet potato fries?! I'll have to try this! But faux wine does not exist in my world -- they will have to be consumed with the real thing!

  3. LOVE the tribute to KETCHUP!
    We run to the store when the bottle goes empty...!
    It's MORE important than having milk in the house for me!!
    Gotta try the fries! Love sweet potato fries,
    Jax turned me onto those down south!!
    Cute pic w/ ur face in it!! GREAT feather headband,
    and YES, my car has a couple changes of clothes...
    Becoming used to carrying my life in my car w/ the RSVL run
    weekly now! U coming this week?

  4. My new favorite has to be carrot fries. I tried the butternut squash, carrot, and sweet potato all together and the carrot ones just get so nice a crispy! Plus, they're easier to cut.

  5. Those fries look sooo good...that's a receipe I'm sure to try.

  6. My husband eats SO much ketchup. We should buy stock in Heinz 57 :) Did you peal the butternut squash first?

  7. LOL glad I am not the only ketchup lover out there!

    Shana yes I liked them better then Sweet Potato fries! I liked the consistency and flavor better!

    LC I will have to try carrot fries! Are they sweet though?

    Chelsea LOL! You should see the size of the cans I buy lol. I did not peel it first and my favorite fries were the ones with the peel on! They got nice crispy.

  8. That pic is not from THAT long ago, silly girl! LOL I LOVE the way these fries look! Can't wait to try them. I never knew I was drinking "faux" wine- my fam is all about that! I love that Seinfeld episode as well. So funny.

  9. For some reason it seemed so long ago! I know it was before we got married but I guess Grace was around for it though lol

  10. I think we must be related, sisters from another mista maybe?? I am such a ketchup person! I eat ketchup with a side of whatever I am eating it with. When changing my diet, I had to mae sure I could somehow incorporate ketchup or it was a no-go!! lol My biggest weakness is Sweet Potato Fries and Heinz!!!lol

  11. I am dying to try these butternut squash fries. I think we eat sweet potato "fries" at least once a week in our house, and the main reason is for the ketchup. Jordyn loves them as long as she can "dip, dip".

    I am going to copy your ketchup storage idea. Super cute!