Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look of the Day: Am I the Only One?

I mentioned the other day that I like to buy my jackets and coats on sale at the end of the season. Well the Joie jacket I wore today was a purchase I got on super clearance. I was able to scoop this highly popular jacket for $117 (originally $488). I was stoked when I scored this deal. It is totally wearable and versatile, although my friend Johnny told me it looked like I was ready to beat someone up one time when i rocked this jacket and some Ray Ban wayfarers.

Joie Rumour Motorcycle jacket
Image from
Am I the only one who save receipts? I only save them for high ticket purchases or great deals like this jacket. Kind of weird I suppose, lol.
And how I rocked the Jacket:

Joie Tunic, and Steven Intyce boots.

Am I the only the only one who keeps and extra set of accessories in their car? I always have an extra headband, chunky bracelet and statement earrings on hand incase I feel like my outfit needs a little something extra. I also keep an extra jacket and a pair of heels in my car, just in case. Does anyone else do that?

And for all you Rebel Canon newbies (Ahem Brittany) check out Catlin's post for a mini tutorial


  1. pretty, pretty headband! I always save receipts, too. I have a giant box in my closet where they stay but it seems like when I look for a particular receipt to return something, it's the only one missing out of the million.

  2. I never save receipts. I don't save much of anything, I like having my house/files/closet pretty streamlined, only keeping things I'll use again.

    You surprised me with your face pic! I thought that was going to be secret forever. of course you're gorgeous, we all knew :) I recognize that cross necklace from a while back.

    How many pairs of boots do you own? I have major boot envy. its not really practical for me to have a million pairs of boots in Houston, there are only like 5 'boot weather' days a year.

    And that jacket has me totally drooling. I love pieces that look really bad ass, but still girly. I like to consider myself kind of 'edgy' haha

  3. And I like that your comments is now 'two lovely ladies are talking about this'. So cute!

  4. weeeeelll...i USED to put some extras in the's another one of those pre-baby, post-baby, my car is too full from baby crap like car seat, strollers, wipes, etc...*sigh*...i need to get a tank or something, so there's more space!

    - Steph

  5. That is a GREAT deal! I say motorcycle jackets are a staple. They instantly make you look tough but hot! ;)

  6. I also bought myself a bomber jacket- it's black and white plaid- my one trendy piece this year! Fun!

  7. Rachel- LOL I know my face! how many boots.... LIke 12 I don't know I have never counted. What do you wear in Houston?

    lol Steph!

    Thank Elaine!

    FUN Rebecca!! You better wear it when you are down here!