Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recap Part One: The food!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas I sure did! I took a million pics yesterday so I am separating the posts by The Food, The Fun and The Fashion =) Here are some of the food pictures.

We started our Christmas celebration by having a Traditional Czech dinner cooked by my grandma. Fried cod was the main course.
Potato salad is a must.
And accompanied by the not so traditional salad
The meal started with a very traditional Cod soup.
served with bread.
my plate:
Christmas morning was at our house, we had smoked salmon, fruit, orange juice and coffee.

The spread:
Served on my PB Reindeer collection plates.
Every year after we open presents with my family, Casey's Mom and Gen come over for Mimosas and shrimp cocktails.
Christmas dinner is at my Mom's house, where My Step Mom cooked our dinner. Yes I wrote that right, my Stpe Mom cooked us dinner at my Mom's house lol.
And my plate.
Thank you for all wonderful food! It made Christmas very special!


  1. I love the PB reindeer plates! I have the same ones and I used them this year as well. Too cute.

  2. I know your collection is a lot bigger then my if I remember correctly!