Monday, December 14, 2009

Look of the Day: The Gift of Giving

I am continuing the Christmas spirit today by volunteering at Toys for Tots! I am working with my practically little sister K, and we will be pairing toys with kid's wish-lists. I am very excited to play "Santa". If you get a chance you should definitely donate a toy to your local chapter!

Also Check out my List of Favorite Things of 2009 on the Look For Less. I am so honored to be asked to participate! Thank you J!


  1. I have on this shirt today!!
    Love Toys for Tots, such a great thing for you today!
    B and I both really love to do charity things for kids around the holidays since we don't have any of our own to buy for! This year we are playing Santa to all the mom's and kids and our battered women's shelter! We have had so much fun shopping for them! I hope they leave us almond milk and cookies Christmas Eve night!;-)

  2. Hey, just wondering where you get your jeans, they fit you so well!

  3. Have a great day! That is so wonderful!! Have fun!

  4. I saw you over there-- very nice! I have to agree with you on many of those, especially the store and designer. Sigh... my budget is not as happy. :)


  5. Loved your post on thelookforless!! Going to join now...

  6. Thats so lovely that you are volunteering, I did it last year and it was so much fun! Loved your post for look4less too! :)

  7. Thanks girls I had a blast!

    Brittany- LOL at the almond milk!! Love it!

    Anonymous- Today I am wearing Citizen of Humanities Aveadon jeans. I have 3 pair sin of those, one is lighter color and i also wear a pair of jbrand but I can't remember the style name as well as the Lauren Conrad from Kohls skinny's.

    Thank you to those of you that read my guest post over at the look for less! =)

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