Monday, December 7, 2009

Style Icon: A Moment in Time

Last night Casey and I popped in the Newlyweds dvd to watch the episode when Nick and Jessica go to Napa. We watch this episode every time after we get home from Napa, it is one of our favorite episodes and kind of a traditon. We laugh we she starts to get tipsy after champagne tasting and when she makes Nick eat all her food. One time Casey took me to all the same places they went on their anniversary trip. You see, I used to love Jessica Simpson, Newlyweds and her clothes during that time period. There was a moment in time when I stalked Ebay day and night for for sold out pieces she had worn on the show but had quickly sold out.

Jessica Simpson, during her newlywed years, was one of my favorite style icons. I actually met many good friends due to our shared love of Jessica's Style ;). I am not sure what happened to Jessica's style but it is not something I covet anymore. Her style seemed to fizzle around the time her marriage concluded. Even though she may not longer be an style icon of mine, I can still look back on that time period fondly, in fact many pieces inspired by her still reside in my closet.

Some clips from the Napa Episode, Casey thinks I really need to stop taking pictures of the TV! lol

And some of my favorite Casual outfits worn by Jessica.

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  1. Awe... makes me so nostalgic for those days!

  2. Me too, Kara! She did have great style back then.

  3. You are too funny and make me smile.

    I'm always complaining that I don't like my style or that I don't have a style (because I DON'T unless finding something in my closet that fits is a style) but maybe I should take your lead and find a "Style Icon". I think that may help :)

  4. I loved all those outfits you showed...and your right...come to think of it...she dosen't stand out anymore...and when I do see her...her outfits leave no impression on me at all. Oh...and loved the photos of your wine looks like a gorgeous place.

  5. jewel looks like a giant next to her!

  6. Awww, poor Jessica. So many celebs have the "secret" help of stylists- I'm thinking she must have fired hers around the time of her divorce, because it's odd for someone's style to take such a nosedive like that, hm? :(

  7. I miss those days too girls!

    Chelsea I know you have style because I see how cute you dress Lucy, transfer that to your style! Wear what you like, not what you thik you should wear. I never ask anyone's opinions on what i wear I just wear things that make me smile =)

    Lynn- I know!!! She was super duper tiny back then, almost to a fault because now people talk about how she "gained" weight< she should read your blog!

    Chloe- I think she lost some marbles when she got divorced as well as stylist and a husband, oh and tons of fans.

  8. those were the days! I remember being SO excited when i finally got my first pair of TRs!

  9. OMG! Too funny to read! I was sooo the same, and I still love the episodes. Love the big red shirt with baggy jeans and UGGs. I copied that look a thousand times! haha!

    Your blog is awesome!

    Anna, Bay Area