Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look of the Day: Christmas Spirt

It's that time of the year to get in the spirit! Tonight we attended a Christmas Concert, which featured a selection of classic Christmas songs. Casey's dad was performed the bass clarinet in the band. It was a great performance, I especially enjoyed the Tsiolkovsky's Nutcracker arrangement. And I also discovered where all those sweaters that people wear at ugly sweater parties come from! I instead wore a LinQ sweater that I purchased copy cat style after seeing it on Lauren Conrad last year.
Concert we attended.
Casey's Dad, Step Mom J'Nette and Grandpa.
My favorite were the songs from the Nutcracker selection. The little girl sitting in front of us agreed!
Lauren Conrad rocking the LinQ SweaterImage from
And me rocking it.
I paired it with Jbrand skinnies, Miss Sixty Bliss boots, and Coffeeshop coat. All which were purchased last year or maybe even before that! If only I was like Chloe and posted similar versions!
I have been wearing my Talyor Jacobson sideways Cross Necklace lookalike backwards lately.
Something that I have seen the Olsen girls do. Those girls are Style Icons of mine, so expect a post on them one of these days.Image from


  1. Eeek! Thanks for the shout out. And you should post similar versions, because now I'm staring at your outfit and I want ittttt. ;)

    *grabby hands*

  2. LOL of you course you have to set the bar high for me ;) ok next time will attempt similar versions. You know all the websites, I only hit up like the same ones.

  3. You are such a doll! Love your outfit and love the necklace idea! I might have to try that one soon!!

  4. Love the nutcracker! Love your outfit and the necklace idea too!

    Can I just say THANK YOU! You've inspired me to not look like a blob. I went shopping and I think (hope) you'd approve :)

  5. Omg Chelsea don't say that! Your post today made my day! I love all that you bought!!!

    Thanks Brittany!

  6. When I saw that you approved, I felt like a complete SUCCESS! YAY! Thank you again!

  7. omg you have made my day Chelsea!! love it!!

  8. I love the Olson twins too! Michael looks good in a bow tie ;)

  9. I love your jacket. I am a huge jacket fan. Where did you find it?

    I love your blog. Your outfits are put together but seem simple and quick enough for me to put together for a casual weekend. Unfortunately my internship requires a pretty standard business uniform.

    I would love to hear about how you got your blog started and gained followers!