Thursday, December 17, 2009

Look of the Day: Toy Soldier

Well it was nice to be able to leave my house today. My. Repair man isn't coming until Saturday now, so that means no cookies for Mr. Ups man (or butternut squash fries for me!). After reading your comments my Ups man seems even more amazing! He hooks us up, he always lets me know that "It's a shopbop package for you Amber!"And he hides our packages if we aren't home...I must hook him up. He even brought me totally awesome Christmas cards from 4Leafboutique today! I love coming home to packages. I also came home to a special little present under my girly Christmas tree from Sheila my Mother in law! I love pink packages tied up in bows! Thank you Sheila! =)

Anyways on to the outfit... Today I felt very Military-esque rocking my Kimichi Blue ruffle peacoat. Again, I purchased this Jennifer Love Hewitt Coy-Cat-Style jacket from Urban Outfitters last year on clearance for $39.99 I really love military inspired looks, nautical looks as well. And you know how I am about buying my coats on clearance, that is the ONLY way I buy coats.
J.L.H rocking hers:
Image from
And me rocking mine!
I did though attempt to get lookalikes like Chloe for you:
This Donna Karen one looks very similar but is way more then I paid for mine =(
And Try this Alloy one here, again more then I paid though.
This Alloy Military Blazer also has the same look without the ruffles.
Under the jacket I wore a ruffle tank from the White Dress shop, which of course is sold out, but a similar one is available. My cardigan is old school Abercrombie. Pretty much the only Abercrombie piece still in my closet. Oh Abercrombie...just wait for my Decade in Review fashion piece...
I also rocked JBrand Doll jeans, they are just like the Love Story's but have a high waist for leggy girls like me. And I completed my military look with OPI Russian Navy.
And my special treat waiting under my pink tree!!
Aww perfect to display Miss Pennie Lane in! THANK YOU Sheila! This made my day =)
I am now addressing Christmas Cards, while watching the SNL Holiday specialThank you M & E over at 4leafboutique! My cards are awesome!Britney was WRONG for leaving this Toy Solider...just saying! Love this skit.
Soup, Soup-a-doup! Sip, baby Sip!This one always gets me as well.
And a special THANK YOU to all of our Military Men and Women. I will be thinking of any of the families who lost someone while serving our country and families who have someone over seas this Holiday Season.


  1. i'm a hello kitty fanatic! such a cute gift!

  2. It was so cute!! Love your blog btw!

  3. So cute!!! I love this look. Those two clips of SNL were by far the funniest ones they showed last night!

  4. That outfit is so freakin' cute! I love that tank, too bad it's sold out! :(

  5. That is a really cute jacket!!

  6. Thanks girls! I know sorry J!! Everything I have been wearing lately has been old, I am saving the new stuff for all the holiday get togethers lol.

  7. OMG I LOVE THAT JACKET. Your tweet about d!ck in a box made my night last night.

  8. Love the outfit A!! So freakin cute!

  9. I just discovered your blog, it's great! Beautiful jacket. I am pretty obsessed with navy right now!

  10. Your tree looks great! love the new ornament.

  11. i love the hello kitty ornament! adorable.

  12. Thanks Girls! I know the hello kitty is SO cute! =)

  13. Watched the same SNL special love it!! Also, I have a coat just like your navy one... Got it from Target.