Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Copy Cat Style: Vanessa Hudgens

Well kind of a twist on Copy Cat Style. I recently spotted this picture of Vanessa Hudgens wearing the same Joie Tunic that I rocked the other day. She wore hers unbelted. But it gave me an idea how I could wear the tunic....in the summer time! None the less I love how this piece is something I can wear now, and possibly later in the summer with shorts.
Image from http://www.starstyleinc.com
And Linda was correct, there was a publishing error in my LimeLife.com article, they reposted the correct version here.


  1. The story was fine for me? So weird. Maybe it was a browser thing?

    Holy, that's a whole lotta leg that Vanessa is sporting in winter ;)

  2. thanks lynn!

    It was messed up last night, i think they were both fine today maybe? or maybe it was the browser. I know Whoa legs!!

  3. Dear Vanessa Hudgons,

    There once was a girl with no pants,
    She starred in a movie where she would sing and dance,
    Then a blogger came along,
    And wore it so well- that same tunic of chiffon,
    And looked much more styleish that you didn't EVEN have a chance.

    Bravo! *claps*

  4. I like your look a lot better! You look great.

  5. OMG LOVE it CHLOE!!!!!! I may have to repost that! lol

    Thanks J and Brittany!!

  6. I love that top! ;) And the poem is perfect!