Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look of the Day: The Good Wife

One of my favorite things about being a wife is doing little things that my make my Husband's day. Yesterday I roasted him a chicken because he really wanted more turkey but Trader Joe's was out of turkey, so I settled for chicken. Today I decided to utilize the leftovers and make him his Mom's Enchilada recipe as a special surprise. I'm not sure who's day it made, me making him happy or him having TONS of Enchilada leftovers.

Here is Sheila's Enchilada Recipe. Click to enlarge

I had enchil-RAW-das.
And I was also not the only blogger that made separate enchilada's for her husband and herself tonight!
In the mix: Romaine "tortilla's", tahini mixed with cilantro, coconut meat, avocado, tomato, sprouts, cumin, chili powder and the ever present hot sauce. I need to research raw hot sauce.
And every girl needs a Jessie Steele Apron while cooking! It's the perfect gift, that is how I received mine!. And it's a great thing to wear when serving Holiday dinners or attending cookie baking parties. We can discuss my apron collection another time.....
Off to perfect my power point! Here's to wishing me good sleeping thoughts tonight!


  1. Awww! What a good wife you are! I actually think your version looks better! I'll have to take a photo of my apron one of these days, it says "Will work for Shoes" :)

  2. I liked the sounds of the enchilRAWdas but I'd probably need a few more plates of those.

    Happy Sleeping!

  3. What a nice wifey! I've been thinking I want to do something like that for the bf - roasting a chicken sounds veeeery nice. But how do you smell that chicken and not eat it yourself??

  4. i love the way your recipe is laid out with the pix and text. so pretty!

  5. the enchiladas look delish! I'm definitely going to make them for dinner one night

  6. ooh those raw ones (and the cooked ones as well actually) look fantastic!

    I'm with you on the apron collection. My friends mom owns what I loving refer to as a tchotchke shop, that happens to sell the same brand of aprons as anthro. She always brings me one when she goes home; and I proceed to get ridiculously excited each time and bf just looks at me like I'm a nut....

  7. oh that is awesome Natalie! I am jealous!

    Thanks girls, glad you enjoyed the post =)

    momentanew Love that!!

    LC- Chicken just freaks me out lol!

  8. Am- You are just way too cute in that apron! I need to pick myself up one! It would save my shirts, bc I am a messy cook!
    I am def making both sets of those enchiladas tonight! Thanks for the recipes!!
    Also, I just got my Canon Rebel, I love the way your pics came out, what lense are you using? I need all the help I can get!!!

  9. Aw thanks Britney! I use the 50mm. It is a great lens for the price!

  10. Thanks Amber! I am going to pick on e up this weekend!!