Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look of The Day: Little Red Riding Hood

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day here. A hood was definitley necessary. Although I loved the scoop back detail of my Nightcap shirt and hood and jacket was necessary for transactions to and from the car. The huge hood on my Andrew Marc jacket and provided an excellent cover from the the rain.

My Outfit without the Jacket: Nightcap shirt, Ash Olivia boots, Frenchi Lace Scarf from Nordstrom. The red color was perfect for this time of year, and added some color to my outfit.
To brave the cold and wet weather I added Free People fingerless gloves and my Andrew Marc coat from a few years ago.
All buttoned up.
The hood on this thing is massive.
But the outfit was all about this low slung back.


  1. love the contrast of your shirt and the hood!

  2. Thanks! It was nice to have such a big coat and then have the unexpected swoop back underneath!

  3. That shirt has been sitting in my wish list forever now on! I love it on you. P.S. how did you get your "favorite things" section on the right side of your blog to be bigger--->smaller? I need to do that with mine, for the categories because it looks so messy how it is right now.

  4. Lynn when go into the customize area, I changed my list to the cloud option and I only checked the favorite things or labels I wanted to show up, Hope that helps!

  5. I want that shirt, so cute! Love you Ash boots too! I think this is the first time i have seen your face and you are so pretty!
    PS-What size did you do in the top boo?

  6. You're so cute. I love that picture of you with the hood on :)