Wednesday, December 9, 2009

May I suggest?

First may I suggest that you add Four Christmases to your Holiday Movie repertoire? Maybe it is because Casey and I live in the Bay Area. Or because we both have divorced parents. Or possibly we enjoyed it because we both have weird issues about people and MIGHT use code words in awkward situations. Or conceivably we partook in the similar feelings that we aren't totally ready to have babies but do really want them. Or perhaps it's because that we love Vince Vaughn and think Reese Witherspoon is gorgeous.
Whatever the reason, we loved Four Christmases and I think you should watch it it =)
It was a really sweet movie and made us laugh =)

Yes I took pictures of the TV again, I have a problem!

And next I would like to suggest you head over and download some of Amazon's 50 Free Christmas Songs! Now how awesome is that?


  1. I want to see this movie! Sadly it has a very long wait on Netflix. :(

  2. I love Christmas movies! I may have to add this in (whether J likes it or not...heheheh).

  3. i never saw this movie but i totally meant to - i'm adding it to my netflix now!

  4. I watched that last week. I thought it was really cute!

  5. J I hope it comes up soon! I watched it on comcast OnDemand

    Lynn and anotherfishinthesea you need to watch it!!

  6. Yay! We have this coming up on our Netflix Queue- can't wait.

    Between this and The Hangover FINALLY coming out on DVD next week, it's going to be one week chock-full of excitement for me. :D

  7. I need to see the Hangover too! Isn't it funny how little things like that can make us so excited!? lol

  8. I can't wait to watch this movie, never got to make it to the theater to watch it last season!
    I am planning on putting the Hangover in B's stocking this year! I love that movie!!