Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look of the Day: Paint it Black

OK really my Favorite Rolling Stone song is Sympathy for the Devil but that seemed like kind of a morbid title. Anyways, today's look was inspired by Mary Kate. I saved this picture days ago because I loved the contrast of the intense necklaces and the Rolling Stones Vintage tee. Love those Olsen's style, I always look to them for inspiration.

Mary Kate rocking the look that inspired my outfit.
Me attempting to rock a copy cat look.
rocking a wanna be vintage Rolling Stones tee, F21 necklace, 18th Amendment Harlow Jeans
My necklace is not as intense but a similar idea.
I ended up getting cold, of course, and added a plaid shirt on top. How grungy of me!
Pleased to meet you....hope you guess my name...


  1. gorgeous dah-ling! You rocked it WAYYYY cuter than Mary Kate~

  2. Random question: Would you ever buy the exact piece of clothing again (a pair of jeans in my case) except in a different size because the original size you bought doesn't fit anymore? Love your blog!

  3. Thanks for checking out the blog girls!

    Thanks Holly!!

    Anonymous- I most definitely would. I have purchased 2 pairs of the jeans I am wearing in this picture because they went on such low of sale I figured having 2 wouldn't hurt. I am all about buying doubles of things you love and fit you well. Hope that helps you and thanks for checking out the blog!

    Thanks Coley!