Monday, December 28, 2009

(kind of) Look of the Day: What to do While Waiting... Part Two

I had to take my car to the chop today and riding my bike home in the morning cold was definitely not the highlight of my day. Anyways after my ride home I was kind of over bike riding so I just ended up just posting it at the house all day and once again I spent my day waiting at the house.

After my bike ride I spent quite a bit of time looking up my Favorite Red Carpet looks of the Decade. Then I decided I needed to be productive and proceeded to put away my Christmas Pottery Barn Reindeer dishes and some other holiday decor.
But that quickly bored me, so I ended up getting sucked into my January Elle issue and messing around with my iPhone. Feeling much better about it today!Image from ELLE January 2010 issue
Lady Gaga and Britney sure are freaking awesome!Image from ELLE January 2010 issue
After that I got decided I REALLY needed to tackle my room. OH MY what a mess!
I un-decked my pink tree.
Taking down decorations and putting away presents is definitely not as fun as putting them up and opening them!
While organizing my room, I came across some nail polish and painted my nails OPI's You Don't know Jacques.
Painting you nails is a REALLY great reason not to clean for a bit.
Procrastination....I excel at that. My best all lacquered up attempt.
When the nails started to dry I tried to organize my jewelry drawer. I really need a more organized method, but heck, they are are just cheap baubles.
I wasn't able to make it Trader Joes today, so my Mom dropped off some Christmas leftovers for our dinner and I broke for a mid afternoon snack of Carrots and Dijon. Casey thinks that is a weird combo but I love it.
I never actually got dressed today! Shocking. Well good news is my Car is still kicking and doesn't need new breaks.
I can't help but feel very Jake Gyllenhaal when I wear this American Apparel Tee.
Image from
"That's Just Jake Gyllenhaal, riding a White Stallion, wearing a very deep V" Seriously you should check out Tosh.o


  1. I love your cap! You look awesome.

  2. You're so cute Am! ;) What hat are you wearing! I LOVE and I have been looking for one similar since I sold my J. Lamont one on ebay a few years back.

  3. Thanks Leia, it was $3 Forever 21 find!

    Thanks Karen!

    Aww thanks kara, it is my J. Lamont hat =(

  4. wow you took down your tree already! mine will be up for at least another month. :)

  5. Lynn I only took my small tree down my main tree is still up.....Not looking forward to taking that down!

  6. HAHA, that is what I thought! I never should have sold mine!