Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Decor: Hot Pink Sparkles!

Since our regular Christmas tree is very traditional I decided this year I wanted a tree for my new room to decorate a little nontraditional. I wanted something totally girly, kind of like my Mom's Barbie tree, which I may also have to blog about. Well I went Hot pink! I think I still want to add some feathers and bows but here is what she looks like thus far. Pink and sparkly!
Fun ornaments. I need some small ones to fill it up.
My stocking from Faded Plains. I may remove the red string and add a Hot Pink hook!
Feather wreath, Pennie likes it.
This room just makes me smile =)
I still need a rug and I need to hang some prints I have ready for the walls. I also want to cover the Piano Bench, get a desk chair and maybe some new curtains. I do like the sheerness of the ones I have for now.
All lit up!


  1. Your room looks fabulous Amber! I love that feather wreath!!

  2. Amber I still have all those pink and mauve ribbons you made sevral years ago, you shold get them...and maybe it's time you took back all the barbies for your tree

  3. Love that wreath. And I say PINK!

  4. Love it- and I totally am dying to see your mom's barbie tree, WHOA.

  5. Such a cute room. You did a really good job. I don't remember the hardwood floor before? I personally love all things pink and sparkly. I want to see the Barbie tree! Do you want to come up next week?

  6. R- If I can get a day off I will!!

    OK barbie tree picture to come! LOL!

    Thanks Chelsea and J!

  7. Love the tree and the wreath. So pretty!

  8. Awww, I have a pink tree, too! Love pink...

  9. PRECIOUS!! I love your style! I love your tree, I wish I would have made room for a real tree this year, I am also loving your hardwood, so pretty!! Thanks for sharing!