Sunday, January 31, 2010

20+10: Backyardigans

#18. Stare at clouds and stars
It was so nice out today I took blanket, my Catcher in the Rye book and of course my iPhone out to the grassy area in my yard. I spent most of time enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and the clouds in the sky. Now I am watching the Grammy pre show and uploading pictures from yesterday. I'm rooting for Gaga!!
iPhones take surprisingly GOOD pictures!! Hope you weekend was a good one!!


  1. Are cumulous clouds the fluffy ones?? If not, I've been wrong for a looong time...

    Then I think I remember nimbus and stratus, but not sure which is which...

    regardless, super jeal of your nice weather... 30degree high today outside Philadelphia...

  2. Hmmm now I am not sure what they were. These weren't as big as I picture cumulous clouds.



  3. Haha!.. love the science lessons from fashion blogs!

    Looks like I was right about cumulous being fluffy... but bad at identifying what actually in your picture..

    ... then again, I'm a financial analyst so the whole sciencey, meterologistness is lost on me anyways :)

  4. I love Lady Gaga!! Totally forgot about the Grammy's though.

  5. LOL E Hayes yeah I have no idea either, There is one cloud in that picture that does look cumulus so maybe a mix/? haha I should have paid more attention in science class!

    OMg jacki you tube the Lady gaga and elton john performance...AMAZING!!!

    ok commercials over got to go watch!