Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goal Oriented

Blog friends are some of the best, I made many new friends through my blog and I love them all. I love chatting with Jen from The Looks for Less and about blogging and traveling. My new friend Traci (who does not have a blog but reads them) and I chat about shopping via emails. And my friend Chelsea and I have really gotten to know each other better through our blogs. Today I received a special surprise from Chelsea, her homemade cranberry jam! I can't wait to try it! Thanks Chelsea!Chelsea is currently working on a 20+10=30 challenge for the year 2010 (get it 20+10=2010?). So I decided to come up with my own list of 30 things I want to do in 2010.
1. Try to go to bed before midnight
2. I want a exercise hobby, Casey has softball and I want my own active hobby. Yoga, dance and tennis are my ideas, I need to narrow it down and DO it!
3.Read more books, I am done with school so no more excuses. I used to be an AVID reader, now I just read blogs I guess??
4. Become neater, my husband out neats me like crazy. I need to get with it, I used to be a neat freak! I just got used to someone else picking up after me and dong my laundry (I am one lucky girl!)
5.Make the most of the 52 weekends of 2010.
6. Shop Less
6.Focus on pieces I can wear more then once, or wear once at all, I gave away so many clothes last year, I want my closet to be more focused with interchangeable pieces.
7. Expand my vegetable garden.
8. Travel as much as I can. You have a couch? A Floor? An invitation?? I'll be there, I want to get in as many weekend trips as I can this year.
9. Really figure out my camera and new lens
10. Use exclamation points less (or should I use them more??)
11. Go to the World Series and watch the Giants win! (in my dreams!)
12. Come to terms with the fact I am tone deaf and realize when I sing I sound like those people on the American Idol try outs that think they sound JUST like Mariah Carey.
13.Travel to Prague!!
14.Sew more or do more DIY's. I have slacked since the holiday rush took over. many more of these things do I need to list???
15. Eat good food
16.Drink nice wine
17.Live and laugh like there is no tomorrow
18.Stare at clouds and stars
19.Buy lots and lots of flowers
20. Wear dresses and bows and ruffles and feathers and pink and heels!
21. Love my family and friends (and Kitty) lots, and let them know =)
22. Dream big
23. Attempt to be less clumsy
24. Keep track of my cell phone and keys
25. Have personal dance parties whenever the mood strikes
26. Blast the radio when songs I love are on (no one can hear me sing when I am alone in my car)
28. Enjoy being in my 20's
29.Become a better cook, expand my recipe repertoire
30.Thank each and every one of you for reading blog! It makes my day for every email, comment and view I get!
Thank you! I hope to make many more blog friends this coming year. For other great lists of 2010 goals check Kara's, Dee's, Sass's,Stephanie's and Jen's.


  1. Great idea!!! (Can you tell I really relate to #10?)
    They are all wonderful thoughts and like they say, you are more likely to accomplish something if you write it down as a goal.

    But seriously, #10 is an issue for me too~

  2. Come visit me in Philly!! :) :)

  3. hi blogger friend, I enjoy your blogship as well! Love #1 and have been working on it this weekend. I'm thinking of my downward dogs in yoga as well. Reading is big on my list and not just blogs! Absolutely sporting the ruffles, pink and high heels is high on my list and rejoice instead of regret.

  4. Love this! I can help w/ #8... you have an open invite to SD :)

  5. Hey girl! Great list...I'm inspired to make my own! Open invite to Charlotte whenever the mood strikes!

  6. I love #17.. I think it's something to live by. Good luck on your list!

  7. I love your ideas and your blog,outfits,etc. hope you don't mind me asking how old you are and if you have any kids..Some of your outfits I really would love to get but go back and forth if I am too old or etc. for them they look so awesome and just kinda wanted to get your thoughts and ask..thank you..

  8. Great post, you inspired me to make my own list! Love your blog!

  9. I love them! YAY. I too use way too many exclamation points. It's an issue :) Your list seriously made me smile and they're all do-able...well except that whole World Series thing...

  10. LOL thanks girls!! Sadye and Shana I may take you up on that!! I have never been to the east coast and I haven't been to San Diego since college and Colely I have always wanted to visit Charlotte!!

    Olivea I would love to read your list!

    LOL Holly I guess I am not doing so good with #10!!

    Thanks Melissa!


    Anonymous, I am 27 and don't have kids yet but even if I did I would dress the same. I think as long as clothes fit you and are appropriate (ie not too short, skimpy) it doesn't matter your age feel free to email me if you ever have any style questions, thank for reading my blog

  11. OMG, my husband outneats me too! That's fun. Really, though, I blame it a lot on his personality type. He simply executes things in a very neat fashion- things get placed evenly, in order, where ever he puts them. It's not like he walks around straightening things up- I always know he'll put the milk back in the same spot facing outward, the sponges will be perfectly lined up next to the sink when he's done, and his toothbrush will always be in the same spot, perfectly rinsed with no extra toothpaste sticking to it.

    Me? I just chuck things in every which direction and have to go back and rearrange later.

    I also need to travel more. *NEED*. I get too caught up in the daily details of life, and there's such a big world to explore...even if it's just a weekend road trip.

    Great list, lady!

  12. omg my husband sounds the SAME way. The toothbrush thing CRACKS me up SOO true!

  13. Thanks so much for the mention of my blogs Amber, I love talking to you about blogging/traveling/and photography as well! You always have great ideas, so thank you for all of your help. <3

    I really had fun reading about your goals. Regarding #8 if you ever want to come to IA (although I'm not sure why anyone would?!) you are more than welcome! Maybe Chicago would be more fun though. :)

  14. I think #24 is the one that will make Casey and me the happiest. ;)

  15. LOL, I think I need to take a hint from #12.