Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Look of the Day: I am not Madonna

It is the week of the Rodarte Target dresses, or maybe the week of lace? Either way I can't seem to get enough of either of them this week. Today felt much more normal to me, how about you? I still relied on the coffee but not as much as yesterday. I even got to painting my nails! Huge improvement over yesterday when I didn't even care that I was posting my horrible chipped nail polish job on the internet, wow. Anyways I rocked the black and tan lace printed dress and I really loved it. Of course that wasnt enough lace so added more by fashioning a "vest" out my lace scarf and a belt.
Rocking the Rodarte for Target lace printed dress, lace scarf from Nordstrom (they only have it in cream now) and my Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges.
And clearly I still need to work on typing on my iPhone, I LOVE it but I am still getting used the Keypad and auto-typing. I was writing about what I was making for dinner and came back to my phone to find this silly message that I "wrote" That is true I am definitely not Madonna....


  1. That looks great! I love the scarf idea...and I completely understand the iPhone typing issues. The other day I told my husband that "I was on my way gnome"...he was quite happy when I showed up and not a small statured, mythical creature.

  2. ha- i've had the iphone for over a year now and I still sometimes type completely incoherent messages to people as a result of its spellcheck and my own inability to type on it.

    also- Love the way you styled that dress- I have it too (its the only rodarte for target piece I actually bought) and the scar over it is a fantastic idea!

  3. Cute outfit! Love it! I am seriously in Target over here like four times a week and I have NEVER seen that dress in the Rodarte section...I think they either don't carry it or they just sell out of it fast because there is never anything really attractive left! But you my dear are excellent with this outfit building! It is certainly a skill. Love the iPhone "oops" by the way - made me giggle.

  4. You're definitely not Madonna; she never looks this stylish. I'm so in love with the lace.

  5. I almost bought that dress but didn't. You styled it sooo cute! Now I have regrets for not buying it LOL

  6. ha, hilarious. I never check my typing so my iPhone always misspells. yes, I said the phone does it, not me :)


  7. On a photographic note, I like your new 'at the desk' outfit shots. Its a really creative presentation! Also, I LOVED your NYE photo shoot.

  8. Coley-That is hilarious! lol! and thank you!

    Sass- i know that is problem with the target Go line. I really want more of the cardigan I wore the other, oh well I'm sure there will be something else I will obsess over next week!

    Thanks Sabrina! It is a great dress for the price.

    LOL! thanks lousianagrown!

    Aww thanks kara! =)

    Justine lol, yes I think y phone was feeling the Material Girl yesterday not me lol

    Thanks Rachel!! <3

    Thanks girls for reading and leaving a comment!

  9. I don't know, Madonna does love lace!

    You'll pick up the typing soon enough - I can send text messages SO much faster than I ever could on the blackberry. Plus you can get such fun, designer covers, which I know you love :)

  10. What were you trying to type? Too funny.

  11. i can never type easily on my hubby's iphone. i'm chained to my blackberry for life!

  12. As always your outfit is incredible! I need to get to Target stat! I'm not Madonna gave me a good chuckle!