Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dreaming of a Planet Blue

I am headed to LA next weekend and I cannot wait to hit up one of my favorite stores, Planet Blue. I decided to check out their online selection to see what they have in store for Wendy and Andi, and I! Plant Blue is never the one to disappoint and always has tons of things I long for! I also got lots of DIY ideas while window shopping. Here are just a handful of things I have my eye on.

And these pieces are 2010 DIY inspiration pictures.
I am thinking I can make this dress similar to how Meagan made her's here.
This one should be easy.
I love this sold out belt but I think I can attempt a DIY.All Images are from ShopPlanetblue.com


  1. That studded blazer...swoooooooooon.

  2. Ok, if you make a DIY version of that second dress you either need to make me one or give me step by step (easy to follow) no sew instructions. Love!!!

  3. That belt IS super cute. Also I'm impressed that you called that dress "easy" to replicate haha.

  4. You can totally make that belt! I've seen your mad skillz!

  5. if you're in l.a. on the 24th and wanna attend our blogger meetup lemme know!

  6. That belt is so cute!!!

    The pic reminds me to go the gym. :-)

    Following your lovely blog now :-)

  7. Major double-swoon on the studded blazer!

  8. Jen-Ok on my to-do list!

    Lynn_ Aww Shoot that is not the weekend I am down there or I would LOVE to do that!

    Thanks for checking out the blog Jmay, heading to check out yours now =)

    LC LOL we shall see if it really is easy.

    Thanks Chelsea!And LOL at my mad skillz!

    Isn't it amazing Dee??

  9. We can't wait for you to come visit our store too! :) We are having a huge sale at our BH store starting thursday...will you be around then? If not, we are rotating it throughout the month. Lots of good stuff to re-work.

    Thank you so much for the post :)

  10. Omg I am going to be there Thursday! I can't wait to see what you have on sale!

  11. I love Planet Blue! I browse their site everyday! I'd love to visit one of their stores!

    I'd love to see you make that second dress, it's super cute and i've just looked at all your other DIY pieces and you're so talented Amber!

  12. Do you use Gilt Group to shop? At GiltFuse they have a Free People sale and have a dress very similar to the denim one w/ studs you have pictured.


  13. Thanks stacey! I guess I have to attempt it now!

    OMG Thank you beautifulwaste! I just purchased it! =) First purchase of the new year!