Monday, January 25, 2010

Look of the Day: Interception Reception

Well yesterday was all about football. That last interception Farve threw?? Wow! That game was intense. I guess we'll be seeing Kim Kardash and Kendra from Girls Next Door be bopping around in the stands during the Super Bowl. Well Sunday's are chill mode days for me, my only goal for the day is to make it to the gym and to Trader Joes. Which make leggings a pretty much a given on Sundays. They are easy for me to leave the house if needed but still allow me to kick back in comfort.
My errands outfit. Nordstrom Hinge Cardigan, Mossiomo Target Leggings, F21 tunic and Frye boots.

But most of the day was spent kicking back and relaxing.

Here's to a good game at the Super bowl! Who will you be rooting for??


  1. yaay! dont you LOVE those leggings?!?

  2. I really couldn't care less about football, but I guess I've got to root for the Saints by default. There's going to be some crazy parties happening around here that night. People in LA aren't used to success!

  3. Is it bad if I ask who is playing in the Super Bowl? LOL. I honestly have no idea.

    Which is really impressive, considering I work in a gym, was working yesterday at that gym while the games were on, and um. Yup, no idea.

    *stares awkwardly away*

  4. I wish I looked that cute just lounging around the house!

  5. Love this outfit amber.. I am obsessed with those boots/your boot collection!!

  6. Thanks for posting pics of the boots!! They look great on you? How are they size wise?
    Also, love your Juicy socks lol! You totally look like me on any given Sunday!

  7. Chloe- I starting watching sports to flirt with boys!! ;) Then I fell in love haha!!

    Thanks pam and J!!

    Brit they run big super comfy though! Haha I always think of your when I wear anything juicy <3