Friday, January 29, 2010

On the Hunt: If Only there was a Real Life Place That Made Me Feel Like Tiffanys

As I mentioned earlier I have watched Breakfast at Tiffany's a few time this week. Definitely expect a Stye Icon post for all the pictures I took! But for now I am on a mad search for some tasseled ear plugs like Holly's. I wear ear plugs every night and think these would make my ear plugs feel much more glamorous! They are like earrings but are ear plug, genius!So far my googling has only yielded home made looking ones, I suppose I could DIY, but they certainly don't have to same glamorous feel as Holly's. My search continues.
Only Holly can make sleeping in look this glamorous.
Image from Everett Collection/Rex Features

Image source Unknown
And of course the pictures I took of my TV:

I wouldn't mind a nightgown like hers either.

She makes me want to drink everything out of my champagne coupes!
"Then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name"


  1. Can you believe I've never seen that movie? I need to add it to my Netflix!

  2. Her make-up is so gorgeous in this movie, you can really see it in the 2nd image you posted. Flawless. I love those champagne cups too, they make everything taste better. Holly Golightly is such a fabulous character ;)

  3. this movie ..she is so addorable ...fragile perfect..

  4. I've never seen this movie! *shame* I need to go rent it. The ear plug tassles look like something that Urban Outfitters should carry!!

  5. I love this tribute to Holly Golightly :) I am in for some tassled ear plugs, as well.

    I have some!

  7. This is one of my favorite movies! She is so beautiful in it. Her hair and makeup are stunning.

  8. she's so stunning in that movie. i haven't seen it in forever; i would have to fast forward past mickey rooney's part....

  9. I have never seen that movie, I will have to rent it! I would DIY as far as the ear plugs. Just keep your eyes out and you will find the perfect tassles or cute big rinestones would look super cute!!

  10. I love this movie! I just bought a poster of Aubrey staring through the Tiffany's show window.

  11. jen, Lynn and Kelly-Omg you must watch!! It is free OnDemand right now (under the free movie section) if you guys have Comcast.

    Andi and Olivea- her makeup and hair is amazing in that movie!! I want to learn how to do a chiffon or a french twist now!

    ellinelel-I know amazing and I was thinking about tiny she in that movie when I was watching.

    LOL Shana I know on the hunt for some!

    V cool I will check those out!!

    Tam and Chelsea, isn't she and best movie. her style was so classy.

    Lynn- I know that part s pretty bad.

    Kelly I might just do that!

    DimonadSelina, I love that shot of her!!

  12. It's funny, I only saw that movie for the first time in my life this last year. But it's definitely a classic and I am in LOVE with her style as you are!