Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look of the Day: Rancho Relaxo

I pretty much have a regular weekend routine. Saturday mornings I meet my friend Jaymi at the gym, then I meet my Mom at the farmers market. Its a good Saturday if SNL has a new episode on. And on Sunday mornings I go to Trader Joes and we watch football (or SF Giants games depending on the season). We spent today hanging out at the house watching some football, I only left to get some food for the week. Well I mostly got Casey food since I leave for LA on Thursday!! Football and Tosh.o watching, nail painting, and magazine reading, love it! Lazy Sundays are some of my favorites, Wow those football games today!

Reading Marie Clare in my lounging outfit. These Bona Drag lace bell bottom pants are my favorite lounge pants. So happy I bought these after seeing them on BleachBlack, Rumi also wore them one time.
Oh I love Eminem, and does it get any better then lace bell bottoms?? I did get dressed for a bit to hit up Trader Joes. This Urban sweater is my favorite go to piece right now.


  1. I live just across the border in the great white north and I took a little trip to seattle this weekend and discovered Trader Joe's. Oh my good Lord, Canadians are missing out..I died over everything. What a genius little grocery store. Next time I am taking a giant cooler so I can stock up on all of their frozen goodies. Love your outfit too - the urban sweater is fantastic.

  2. Oh, how I wish we had a Trader Joes here. Colorado has a liquor law that allows grocery stores to only carry "3.2 beer", which rumor has it is why Trader Joes won't set up shop here- it can't be a grocery store/liquor store in one, so it doesn't want to be a store here at all.

    It's a stupid law. Stupid, stupid. Whenever my co-worker goes down to New Mexico or over to Arizona, she always hauls back an SUV full of Two Buck Chuck for all of us. ;)

    I love your lace bell bottoms!

  3. love. bell bottoms. made of lace?! awesome.

    my friend sadye told me she saw me on your blog roll - and that you guys are friends too - what a small world!!!

  4. Stephanie I hope you get one soon. Trader Joes is THE best!!

    OMG Chloe that seems so crazy to me! So you have to go to liquor stores to get beer or wine?? Do you guys have cost plus world markets? can they sell wine? That is crazy!

    Lynn I know!!!! Isn't that crazy!?? Very small world.

    Clearly I am not doing well with decreasing my exclamation point usage.

  5. Loving the lace bell bottoms, especially with the Eminem tee. Love him! Great lazy sunday outfit.

    Can you belive those football games yesterday?? I think New England just decided they didn't care and gave up from the begining. At least Green Bay decided to try and fight.

  6. Only you could pull off lace bell bottoms lady! I love TJ's, I really wish they would put one in IA. The closest one is a 3 hour drive to the Chicago 'burbs (which I need to do again very soon!).

  7. I love that you showed us both outfits :) Your weekend sounds fab!

  8. I don't think you can get any cuter!!

  9. Does the Urban Outfitters that you live close to have any of those amazing ivory/black sweaters left... Mine is sold out :(