Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look (and Eats) of the Day: Pineapple Express

It's still nice and rainy out there, which I am happy for but it really makes me realize my shoe collection is not made for this kind of weather. I decided to perk up my rainy Monday by heading down to the local mall to spend my Forever 21 gift card fro Christmas. It is quite amazing what you can get there for $100, and I made sure to get it as close too $100 as I could. I was just $3.00 over and I got a nice haul. When I returned home I had Casey's dinner (a Kath Recipe) cooking up in the crock pot and we had a nice cozy meal at home, watching our favorite TV shows. How I met you Mother and The Big bang Theory always give us something to look forward to on Monday evenings.
Yay for it being light out a little bit later these days! Putting away my new clothes, expect to see them in rotation soon! In my go to Free People zip up, a full length picture here.
And on to the food. Yesterday Kath posted her pineapple chicken crock pot recipe, and when I looked at her ingredient list I noticed I had it all on hand. So today I threw it all in the crock pot (super easy) and Casey really enjoyed it. I made myself a veggie version (I used the dressing she used) and loved it. If you like using a crock pot for easy dinners I definitely recommend you check out Kath's recipe and give it a try. Casey was so excited I made enough so there was leftovers.
My veggie-bake-take on Kath's pineapple crock pot recipe. Zucchinis replaces the chicken.
Tossed with Kath's dressing and baked at 400' for about 3o minutes.
Served on jasmine rice and topped with chopped cilantro. Casey's chicken version is in the background and my veggie version in the foreground.
"You used to be fierce. You used to be ruthless!"


  1. I love that Free People zip up and am kicking myself for missing out on it when it was on sale at Nordstrom. :(

    I might have to try that recipe, I'm always looking for crock pot recipes because they are so easy!

  2. Forever 21 is the best for getting statement pieces that you only want to wear a couple of times. I just have huge problems sifting through all of the junk in the store, so I normally place orders on the internet.

  3. Ha me too. Forever 21 can be quite overwhelming. I usually plan a shopping day just to get through that store alone.

  4. I am going to try that chicken recipe!! Looks so good! I also saved her blog to my list- I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

    P.s how do you like forever 21's tunics? I want to get a couple for wearing with leggings.

  5. Glad you girls enjoyed the recipe!

    I agree Forever21 can be intense, it was the onlystore I made it to yesterday.

    Jen--- here is the zip up in grey, maybe you can google and find it for cheaper I got mine for like $40.

  6. I like that blog....I am going to have to try that recipe!!

    I am loving your blog to btw.....

  7. This recipe looks delicious - I'm definitely going to have to try it!! And I can't wait to see more of your f21 haul!

  8. I don't have a crock pot, but I'm noticing that when you're making two meals like this (one veg, one not) it's nice to have one that just cooks up itself! Might need one someday. No idea where I could fit it though ...

  9. YOM.

    I can't wait to see the clothes!

  10. Brilliant! I really want to try the veggie version!

  11. i am DEFINITELY going to try that recipe. It looks delish!

  12. I am making this for dinner this week. AWESOME!!