Monday, January 11, 2010

May I suggest?

May I suggest you spend lots of quality time with your family and loved ones every moment you get? Then capture those moments, big moments, small moments on film. And then at the end of the year make a book at with all your great times and memories. I loved my my book turned out. I have used many book making websites and this one was my favorite by far.
Then go check out to pick up some new hairbands. I always wanted these from Planet Blue but they are ALWAYS sold out of them and the ones at are too pricey for me. So when my friend Wendy informed me about these I was so excited. Pretty sure I am going to DIY these one day.
I like to wear multiple ones on my arms like the Planet Blue girls.
Can you tell I LOVE Planet blue?? lol


  1. Thank you so much for the link to Blurb - I want to make one!

  2. I love Blurb! I've had great experiences with them, and I love how you can make a hardcover wrap so it looks like a real book!

  3. I've made a book using Snapfish before, but I will have to check out Blurb. it's such a great gift.

  4. oooh I've been wanting ponies like that for awhile!! Thanks for the tip!

  5. girl what camera do you use? off topics, sorry haha.

    xo ash

  6. I love when you mention me in your blog!!! I think I am your biggest fan! Do the Twistbands stay in your hair?

  7. wendy you crack me up! lol there will be lots of references to you this week!

    ASh I have a canon rebel XSI.

    LC I have used snapfish as well but I liked the finished product of the blurb ones better. I really liked the dust cover aspect.

  8. ..since I have been living miles away from my family and meeting them twice a year....4 years hard its been..I love your idea about the book ..I would spend every minute with my family if I could ..