Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Recap Part Two: A Low Key New Year in Style

Casey and I always have a low key New Years. We hate the crowds, the fuss and the overprice-ness of everything. But I still love the FUN so I just bring that home ;)

I started my night with a rocking 2000's playlist. Yes I am sucker for Pop music.
I tried out some hot rollers. Just trying to make my Texas friend Lindsey proud, she swears by them!
So proud of myself for doing my hair and makeup! Might have been the first time since my wedding that I put on lipstick!The "Crew" set up for the "shoot"...
My mini photoshoot. Yes I am a HUGE dork!!
Outfit pics! Work it!
And I'm Vintage DVF BTW. The Dress is Alice & Olivia.
Oh... Just off the Kitchen! I told you we like it Low key!
POP that Beezy!
Hope your New Year is Fabulous!!


  1. Love all the pictures! And wowzers you are HOT! (I mean that in a totally friendly way!)

  2. Oh wow, I *love love love* that dress, holy moly. You work it!

    Husband and I also typically stay home on New Years- all of our friends in this area have kids (and babies!), so it makes it hard to coordinate a night out on the town that night with everyone, so if anything we end up just at someone's house having a fun (and very low-key!) time. Sometimes, that's the best way to go. ♥

  3. i was wondering if that was you in the ny's post! Gorgeous!

  4. I love that dress! If I had gone somewhere fancy for NYE I would have totally rocked sequins!

  5. Looks like my New Years, only I was in jeans and a long sleeve tee :)

  6. LOVE the new pictures!!! So gorg. I wish I had you picking out my NYers outfit.

  7. Love that dress Amber! And I love the photoshoot setup too! Fancy!! Maybe I should be the one getting tips from YOU! :)

    We had a low key night too - sometimes that's more fun than going out and fighting the crowds.

  8. splendid! great dress on you. happy new year!!

  9. WOW! You look so beautiful! What a great way to ring in the new year!

  10. Thanks Lyndsy!!!

    Thanks Keli! Happy New Year to you to!