Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Party Recap: Heinz 57 Varieties

Ketchup was the theme of the party yesterday. Which is just perfect for me since that is my favorite condiment and the Heinz 57 was perfect for my Dad's 57th birthday. We had a great time playing board games, my friend Mandy and I decided we are making our own version of Guess Who with pictures of our friends!! My Step Mom Rena sure knows how to throw a party, she step up a salad bar and had the cutest little soup tureens for the potato soup she made. She also brought over an amazing cake!! I don't even like cake but this was seriously one of the best cakes I have ever had. I didn't end up wearing the Yumi Kim top and I also didn't get a Look of the Day post but I had lots of fun!
The closest thing to a look of the day picture.
All about the 57!
Yummy cake. Vanilla, vanilla, VANILLA! And mini carrot cake, chocolate and raspberry cupcakes. Aren't they CUTE!!?? They are from Kara's Cupcakes, my new go-to cupcake bakery!
Salad bar:
Yummy soup!
Here's to a great 57th year Dad!!
OMG the Grammy's are blowing me away right now!!!!!


  1. What a cool, creative idea for a 57th birthday! Love it.

  2. Thanks girls!LOL I guess I just love ketchup and use any excise to blog about it lol!

  3. what a cute idea for the bday! and also makes me want to send something like that to a friend (who literally fears ketchup) as a gag gift....

  4. Such a thoughtful idea! happy birthday dad!

  5. I am in love with Birthday Party. Glad to see the recap here. Anyways, I would also be attending bachelor bash in the next week at some local Seattle venues. It will be a gorgeous spa party and we all are super excited for this.