Sunday, January 3, 2010

Look of the Day: Everywhere You Look

Whatever happened to predictability? The Milkman, the Paperboy, the evening Tv?? Sorry just a Full House fan here! After football started to go down hill Casey and I decided to take an impromptu trip to San Francisco. We are lucky to live so close and can pop in when the mood strikes us, and struck us today it did. The weather looked very nice out but was very deceiving, it was COLD! We had fun though, tromping around the city eating, walking and shopping our around.
Bay Bridging it up!
Quick stop.
Golden Gate bridge hiking, it was windy!!
And my outfit, in my "hiking" gear.
Close up the F21 shirt my Gma gave me.
So I hear tomorrow is Monday, I really can't tell what day it is these days. Back to Reality....Oh There goes Gravity!


  1. Haha! Love Full House! And your hiking gear is adorable! Where's the cross-body bag from?

  2. Love that "quick stop" photo- very artistic! Your gramma has great taste!

  3. Happy new year Amber! Nice to see Caesy's appearance on the blog.
    I was just catching up on my reading and wanted to know how you took the night pics in your "A Year in Review: Looks of the Day" post. There are 2 pics where it is night but the lighting effect on you (and your friend?) are well lit. It's so hard to take night photos without any fancy equipment, but yours came out perfect.

    Can't wait to see the pyrex that your dad picked up. I am on a self-imposed ban from buying more . . .

  4. yay Tine another Full House lover! My purse is from Urban. I don't see it online but I got for about $$0 in early December so it may still be in stores!

    Thanks R! You and the girls need to come around for some of our adventures. And Gma is who I learned how to dress from ;)

    Thank you Linda! I always have my camera on either AF or P settings but I have no idea how that translates to Nikon, but no fancy equipment needed! LOL will keep you updated on the pyrex haha. You have me addicted!

  5. Your hiking gear cracked me up. You are too cute. It was deceivingly cold today!

  6. Great pictures, and your gramma gave you that top?! I shudder to think what my gramma would give me. She kept calling my cousin's Gameboy a "playboy", after all. That's MY gramma.


  7. Happy 2010! Love your hiking outfit!

  8. I know Chelsea, I am silly!
    OMG CHloe HAHA!!

    Thanks Coley, she will be happy to hear the top was liked lol.

    Thanks Lyndsy! Happy new Year to you to!

  9. I love that sweater - is it Juicy?!

  10. Jen it's the an abercrombie sweater from like maybe last year? Vanessa hudgens and Ashley Tisdale sore it, Sorry!