Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the Hunt: Through the Looking Glass

Clearly I need a new mirror in my room. Somehow,which is beyond me since I post pictures of myself in it nearly every day, I have neglected a very important part of my girly room. MY MIRROR! So I am currently on the hunt for a cheval mirror for my room. Although I want a white one, if I have learned anything from Holly I know just to look at shape and not color. The color can be changed.
Although antique would be preferred here are some ideas that I am looking at.

Image from
Image from
Image from PB teen
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the fairest Mirror of all?


  1. Which room? I like #1, but its majorly feminine.

    Maybe #2 if its in a shared bedroom.

    #3's too rustic for my taste.

    OK, I pick style 1. final answer.

  2. I'm a modern girl but I just love #3-isn't that strange? I really do love it though.

  3. rachel its for my craft room, where I take my outfit pictures

    I like that one too chelsea! I hunting craigslist for one similar =)

  4. What a great idea!! I just painted my dresser white, it was so easy!! Let me know if you need some paint, because I have a TON left over!

  5. LOVE the first one. I just got a huge mirror at Home Goods... great prices! Check there!

    How sad that I bought a mirror so I could take blog pics of my outfits and I haven't done it yet. LOL

  6. oh my! i want a lovely antique mirror too!.

    they are honestly the prettiest things to add to a room. they just make the room look so beautiful.


  7. #1 if it is in your girly room.