Monday, January 18, 2010

Wake up in the Morning Feeling like P.Diddy

Grab my glasses, I'm out the door I'm gonna hit this city
We had an Legen...Wait For It...Dary trip!! I had SUCH a good time! Anyways here is a recap of pictures.
Tick-Tock on the Clock.
Many "Artistic" pics were taken...
TONS of hotel lobby hanging out (AKA Celeb stalking) occurred. We saw Paul McCartney, The Jersey Shore Crew(which everyone else cared about but us) and lots of other C listers!
More Stalking from my hotel room.
Outfits were worn, and bad pictures were taken. For some reason (the lighting? my focus) my outfit pictures were not turning out.
ANSI and I.And the Mirror as a TV.
Lots of this was consumed.
And WAY too much of this. Thanks to Wendy and Andi, I was CLEARLY the party animal of the group!!! It was a personal Amber party every night for sure.Which may or may not have lead to the consumption of this, à la Britney.

Image source unknown but we can assume it was from TMZ
And we will miss you CoCo. I had to take a pic of this moment in time!!
And my in flight entertainment. Bet you didn't know I am an origami dollar bill artist did you? ;)And to answer any questions...Britney was Brunette, and STUNNING in person, a seriously gorgeous girl but totally sloppy and dressed horribly. Her kids, though, were dressed to the nines and her mom was totally put together. Like Britney they were all SOOO good looking, wow! Our "moment" lasted a couple of minutes and was way too "intimate" to take pictures. Now one else was around but hotel workers so I did my best to "play it cool" but honestly it was like a dream sequence, and my heart was POUNDING!! I am a dork, what can I say? She came off as shy, but then again the only words I muster up were "It's more fun then a play ground" referring to the chairs her kids were playing on. Ahhhh! I still cannot believe i saw her and SOO close!!!! I LOVE HER!!! OK I am off to catch up on my google reader and blog reading, it is over flowing!
Two Trailer Park Girls Go Round the outside. Round the outside...


  1. that is a cute little clock!

  2. ..I love the picture with good old Singer : ) Im glad my granny have one .. its nice you had an amazing time

  3. I'm so glad you had a great time. It looks like so much FUN. Yay for you.

  4. I am so jealous. These pictures and story were great. I am so jealous, think I can say it one more time.

    even more jealous that you saw the sisuation. ive been waiting to run into him so he can lay his std infested game on me :)

    what camera do you use? or have you answered this?

    xo ash

  5. OK, I have to tell you how incredibly cool I think it is that you didn't ask her for a photo. Just imagine that 99 percent of people she meets ask her for a pic or just take one. I would have done the same. Even though I would have wanted a pic. That's not what matters. You have that encounter in your heart! LOL!!

  6. I love your dollar bill pyramids! Inspired by the currency itself, I'm sure ;)

    It is VERY cool that you didn't ask Britney for a photo or a pic.

    My heart got all warm and fuzzy when I saw the Singers in the store window. I have my great grandmother's and I use it as a table to hold family photos and little heirlooms on display. I'd love to repaint it someday (it's currently an unattractive shade of gray and has probably been that way for over 60 years).

  7. Oh I meant photo or autograph not pic! LOL!

  8. omg ash LOL!! He was SHORT! So funny. I use a rebel canon camera.

    I'm glad you girls liked the singer picture!! My mom has one of those and I thought it was SOO cool, I didn't have a great lens to fully capture it but it was singers floor to ceiling in the window SOO cool!

    LOL April & Sass we would have gotten kicked out if we took or asked for pics, we were not being cool haha.

  9. I wish you could see more of your headband in the b&w pic. It was super cute.

    I had so much fun! Let's go back. :)