Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look of the Day: Family Matters

It's a rare condition, this day and age,
To read any good news on the newspaper page.
Love and tradition of the grand design,
some people say it's even harder to find.

Remember those good old days of watching TGIF with Full house and Family Matters on ABC? Yesterday I had planned on going to a blog meet-up that Lynn had planned in Napa, but my family unexpectedly came into town. I was in need of some family time so it was nice to spend time with them. My Dad brought me some "blog presents"some fashion magazines my Stepmom saved for me, some vintage Corningware pieces (Linda has me obsessed) and the Louboutin Barbie. YAY! And my mom had also found an old vintage clutch of hers for me to borrow. All in all we had a good day spending some quality time together but hopefully I will be able to meet up with the local blog girls soon!

Rocking my go-to Chloe boots, COH jeans and Free People convertible sweater.
To open the Barbie or not open?? That is the Question.


  1. Awesome! A Christian Louboutin Barbie! That's a tough one; I'd want to play with all the little goodies, but then of course its value would decrease immensely. Dilemma!

  2. Aww I have some great memories of eating cozy food and watching TGIF with my mom during the winters when my dad was off in the woods hunting.

    And I'm seriously loving cropped tops right now!

  3. Did you make those book covers yourself? I really like the blue.

  4. What fun gifts!! The barbie is great, it is going to be hard not to open it!

  5. Suzy- Did you stop blogging? I had your blog on my list and last time I checked it, your link didn't work. I don't see a new blog on your profile. Just checking, because I loved your blog! :O)

  6. I honestly don't know if I would open the barbie package or not. I'd be so nervous, but the urge would be so strong.

    That's the 7 yr old in me.

  7. I say don't open! But I'm the kind of person that hates to remove tags from clothes because it makes them feel less new!

  8. Awww, how sweet of your parents! I love the Barbie, and I'd totally open it. Things left in boxes just aren't that much fun. ;)

    I always think it's weird when people say they get fashiony items from their mothers. It's just such an odd concept to me, I think. My mom is the least fashionable person I know. Her daily uniform is elastic-waisted khaki pants and an Eddie Bauer polo- no joke. I still loves her, though. ♥

  9. Thanks for the comments girls!

    Louisiana grown-aw how fun! I loved TGIF!

    Suzy the books are the hardcover penguin classics

    Haha I wasn't really planning on opening it but man I want too play with the little Louboutins!

    LOL Chloe. Well I ma glad to see you didn't inhert your mom's style ;)

  10. I love those Corningware pieces. I need to invest in some of the blue flower series since I used one of mine on the stovetop and it cracked. Guess I should have read the directions first...oops!

  11. Oh I love the girly touches to your room! I just moved back into my old room about a month ago and am slowly changing everything.